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From our President ---Happy September to you all …

Welcome to September everyone!!!

I hope you all survived the smoke and are breathing easier now. I know that I am. We had a busier month than usual. First we started off with the Helena Trail Rider Point Show O-Mok-See on August 9th.

Despite being probably the smokiest day of all, on August 29th a small group of us descended on Sonny and Bev Stiger who had agreed to let us use their arena for our obstacle course. Sonny worked the arena up prior to our arrival and Carol and Gerry had got there a couple of days ahead of time to set up the course. I had received a crash course in judging obstacle courses from Candy over the phone a few days prior. So we were as prepared as we were going to be for the big day.

We started off with entering the arena through the gate. Then the riders moved to the bridge. From there riders went to a pole where a coat was hanging and put the coat on. They wove thru some poles and then took the jacket off and placed it on another pole. From there they went to a mail box, removed a newspaper rode around a pole and returned the newspaper to the mail box. After the mail box came a tarp lying on the ground. After the tarp, they moved on to pick up a flag out of a barrel complete a figure 8 thru another set of barrels and then place the flag in yet another barrel. Then we moved on to two jumps. From the jumps we went to an “L”, where riders rode all the way thru and then asked their horses to back thru the small section of the “L”. Once they completed that, they moved on to crossing rails on the ground and then backing in an “S” pattern thru some poles. They then entered a square and were asked to turn their horses in a complete circle. After exiting the square they rode their horses over a stack of logs. Then they were asked to side pass over a rail lying on the ground. And for the finale ride up to two orange cones … and back up several steps.

Every rider did a fantastic job. We had a couple of mishaps from horses spooking, but there were no injuries to either rider or horse so I consider the day a success. Unfortunately I cannot remember who placed where but our riders were … Julia and Kimberly Curtis, Dee Burnham, Cynthia Warner, and Cassy Lynn. Kimberly even rode the course on three different horses!!!

After the riding portion was over and ribbons passed out we all got our dishes and sat around having a pot luck. Kate grilled burgers and a couple of hot dogs. There were lots of goodies to choose from as sides. I am not so sure we shouldn’t have had a dessert judging contest as a couple of folks went all out on their desserts… I won’t mention names you know who you are Cynthia and Bev smiiley face. I believe Carol tried to get at least 3 photos of every rider at some point during their turn. So you may see yourself in the HTR scrapbook.

rainy arena

I didn’t make the trip up to Great Falls for the State O-Mok-See and it is just as well … it was cancelled to the mess the rain made of the arena. Not safe for horses or riders… Here is a picture I swiped from Moriah’s Facebook page…
And now for the serious part … as most of you know I am due to have a baby boy in December. What that means to you all is that I will not be running as President for another term. We only have two more general meetings (September and November) before our annual election in January. We need to fill 6 positions: President, Vice President, 3 directors and a person willing to volunteer to be secretary and/or treasurer. Please consider running … this club won’t function without a board.

Don’t forget our meeting this month on the 16th!!! Hope to see you there. As always … if you have questions or concerns, please let me know. Heather 406.492.7066 hmtnavy@blackfoot.net

Vickie Blixt, O Mok See Director

Well Labor Day has passed and we'll soon be officially into fall. Unfortunately for those that had so looked forward to Labor Day weekend and the State O Mok See, they were disappointed when the two day event had to be cancelled due to weather. This was the first time in 47 years that it had been cancelled. The arena was such a mud hole that it was deemed unsafe to ride in.

The west arena is still available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and the first Friday of the month for those that would like to make use of it. Get out and enjoy these fall days, winter will be upon us soon! Please feel free to email me or give me a call at 442-1717 if you have some input. Until next month, ride safe and have fun!

Marcia meandering- The High School Rodeo has begun meeting in our building again for the new year. They showed up to our arena clean-up day and did a fine job fulfilling their obligation to exchange work for monthly use of our meeting room. They are willing to do the same this year. We are are following the Helena Trail Rider tradition of supporting another horse related activity. Did you know that when we had a Last Chance Stampede Queen contest, HTR sponsored several candidates, some of whom were the daughters of members?

There have been several activities that I have missed so I have no pictures to put in the scrapbook for that event. If some of you have cell phone pictures you would like to submit, let me know so I can put them as a hard copy and get them in the scrapbook. Enjoy the perfect riding weather- cool mornings, sunshine afternoons and time off work to enjoy them. :) Marcia Gray

From: Joanna Easton [mailto:eastonhorsemanship@gmail.com] Subject: horsemanship news- September 2015

Subject: horsemanship news Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the break from the hot, smoky weather. Nice to see the much needed rain over the weekend that I'm sure all of us, horses included, were happy to have.

Here's our latest e-newsletter. Please feel free to forward or share this with anyone you think might enjoy it. Happy Trails, Joanna and Eric Easton See attached newsletter

The club offers its condolences to Sherry Purdue, whose husband recently died. Sherry is a previous member of the club Board of Directors.

The club received a Thank You from the 4-H Sales committee who used our building during the Fair.

For Sale: (note this is from August 17, this item may no longer be available) 35 bales grass hay, 90-100 lb bales, $8/bale. Call Andy Ayers, 475-2486.

A Lesson Learned About Fly Spray I am sure that it was recent enough that most of you all remember the rain storm that moved through our area last Friday evening/Saturday morning. Well Elliston also got a second dose on Saturday afternoon in the form of a hail storm complete with thunder and lightning.

I had gone down about the usual time to feed the two mares I have at my place Saturday morning (September 5th) and besides being wet everyone looked to be in fine form. Saturday evening was a whole different story. One of my mares looked as if she had rolled in the mud … but only had a partial section of her side muddy which given the amount of mud and water in her corral was not possible. So I took a closer look and she had a large blister on her with several other smaller blisters forming around it. After taking a quick look at her corral it was apparent that she hadn’t fallen so my next thought was the storm that we had that afternoon…had she been hit by a residual strike of lightning? She was extremely tender and would not let me clean the wound up so after calling in the cavalry in the form of my mother and my next door neighbor we headed over to Deer Lodge to the vet. The on-call vet sedated her and cleaned up the area as best she could and then started applying burn cream. I took her home and was up every couple of hours checking on her. In the morning more blisters had appeared and she was uncomfortable enough that she wanted to lay down more than stand. I got upset and anxious so back to the Vet she went…where this time she stayed so they could keep her on IV pain meds. The Vet said that she had never seen anything like it and agreed that it could very well be residual lightning.
All of the pictures were taken Wednesday night (September 9th). The original blister (Saturday) was the large South Carolina shaped blister on her side shown in the left picture.
sores on horse's back
You can see where the hair is coming out due to damaged skin along her “sweat path” in the picture on the right.
sores on horse's back
Left side and spine … where no blisters were present on Saturday evening.
sores on horse's back
On Tuesday afternoon I picked her up from that Vet clinic (who I should mention is not my normal Vet – he was out of town for Labor Day weekend) and hauled her over to see our normal vet (who had returned). After a very thorough bath/scrubbing of the areas which now encompassed both sides by the Vet tech, he returned to have a look at her. After talking about what has been going on with her (she has been being rode by a friend to take some reining lessons and trail rides a few times a week) I got his diagnosis…not a lightning strike.

He believes she has chemical burns from the fly spray that was used on her. (Bronco brand for those curious.) She is going to lose more hair and have more blisters appear before this is over is his prediction.

The treatment is to slather the areas affected with burn cream and watch for infections. She is also getting the affected areas bathed every other day to help get rid of the dead skin and the hair that is falling out.

I have since talked with her previous owner who told me that this has happened to her before … not to such an extreme however. But she has lost hair in the summer and they never understood why.

So lesson learned for me was this … be very careful to watch your horse for reactions to even something as common as fly spray. Some horses will not tolerate chemicals on their skin. Additionally, fly spray should never be applied to the point that your horse’s hair is wet … this is just to be applied as a mist. If you have to wipe it on … be careful about how much you are applying to your cloth and how much is going in each area. The bottle should have directions. If you can possibly avoid it … don’t use it where your horse is going to sweat such as under the saddle pad as happened here; it can really exacerbate any reaction.

We are trying to get a feel for what you would like to see the club doing…so if you have any suggestions for proposed events, please contact:

Heather Hollandsworth
PO Box 14
Elliston, MT 59728
Or to the club at
Helena Trail Riders
PO Box 4801
Helena MT 59604

rider getting on his horse

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