Love turkey, eat fish

          November Meeting November 20th, 2013

      Board Meets: 5:30 p.m. General Meeting: 6:15 p.m.

Message from our President: Heather Hollandsworth
The October activity was sure fun. There were 4 chilies to vote on and LOTS of side dishes. I don’t think that anyone could have walked away from that kitchen hungry. The winners were:

Cynthia Warner (1st)
Vicki Blixt (2nd)
Kate Hollandsworth (3rd).

Nice job ladies. Thanks to everyone who brought something to share. This was a fabulous meal.

When I proposed doing the participation bucks at the beginning of the year, I wondered how this auction “thing” would turn out. WOW!!!! Those who showed up to bid on items sure had fun. Thanks to Sonny Stiger for stepping in for me. I had once again lost my voice and it was just as well. I don’t think that anybody could have topped that performance. If Sonny ever gets tired of fighting fires I think we could find him another profession!

His able bodied assistant, Candy, helped keep track of where the bids were coming from. Thank to both of you.

Sonny Stiger
Winners for the chili cookoff

Kate, Dasha and I had a great time at Murdoch’s a few days before the auction. We had a whole cart full of stuff from WD-40, to bling sticker for your horses, to hand warmers. Amongst other things a hunter orange halter, cotton reins, Shampoo and Conditioner, and a few toys found their way into the basket as well. There were so many items I can’t even begin to remember what all we had. Murdoch’s even added to the fun by giving us a 20% discount on items so that we could shop some more. In the end we had enough items to fill an entire table at the clubhouse.
Bidding items

This Month’s Program: It’s a surprise

From the Directors

O-Mok-See Director: Candy Score
I had a small horse show for my riders October 20. We had great weather and a lot of fun. One of my Mom's took 322 pictures! She posted a shutterfly account so anyone can view them, I just need their email and she has to give permission with shutterfly. Anyway, we had, English, Western, jumping and games. Also, I just sent my multi-purpose bldg. schedule to my Trail Riders list for those who want to come down and exercise their horses, you should have received the email. The first part of my email explains what the deal is with riding with my students and the fee per hour for riding. It's the cheapest deal in town!. Ok see you Wednesday. Candy

I am not sure that our young member Colton understands the concept of bidding for an item as he threw up his hand and yelled “$10” for one of the toys that caught his eye. When his dad tried to explain that you start lower and not spend all of your money at once, Colton informed him “No!” and in the same breath told Sonn “$10!!!!” Luckily for Colton (since that was all he had) everyone else was too busy laughing to bid higher and he got his toy!

The bidding was sure hot and heavy for some of the other items though. Probably the only time I will ever see a bidding war over a can of WD-40.

The last item of the night to be auctioned off was a halter donated by Laughing Stock Horses (Candy Score) and Performance Auto and Glass (Shane Warfield). The halter is designed by Cathy Bessette. The one at the auction belonged to Candy and folks were told that whoever one would get a chance to talk to Cathy and work out their own design with her. We had people pooling money together for that little gem!!! In the end Angie Johnson was the high bidder.

I had a great time watching folks and collecting up the participation dollars during the auction. I hope you all had fun earning them. I want to extend a thank you to each and every one of you who participated in club activities to earn them. You sure deserved it. Cynthia Warner and Vicki Blixt have volunteered to put together a basket to raffle off at the Christmas party. This basket will contain all of the fixings for a Christmas dinner for about 4-6 people. We will be giving out tickets at the November 20th meeting for those who want to sell tickets. This is our last fundraiser for the year so let’s go out with a bang. Tickets do not have to be sold to fellow members – take the tickets and sell them to your friends, family, and co-workers.

I still need at least 2 people who are willing to call and talk to folks about running for the board of directors next year. We will need enough people to fill 3 director positions as well as the President and Vice President. These volunteers just need to take the member list and divide it between them and start calling folks. We need to be able to announce by the Christmas party who is running for office. Please, please let me know if you are willing and able to do this. This is vital to the functioning of our club. Heather

Upcoming Events: Candy has multiple dates & times reserved for riding at the multipurpose building at the fairgrounds this winter so everyone can have an opportunity to keep riding this winter. Please reference her email for exact details.

Fun Facts:

VALUE OF A HORSE: Horses can be a source of mental rejuvenation and stress-relief for the owner - a chance to go to a place very different from typical daily activities.

WINTER RIDING TIPS: Dress appropriately for cold-weather riding. Winter equestrian safety includes proper attire. Those heading outdoors on horseback in cold weather ought to dress in layers, choosing warm, waterproof clothing. Sturdy, moisture-wicking layers of winter apparel are ideal. Cozy hats and durable gloves (with gripping palms) are well-suited to winter equestrian activities. Long scarves and dangly accessories, of course, are inappropriate and unsafe for horseback riding in any season.
Horse texting

COLD WEATHER TIPS: The Importance of the Sock - Do you like cotton socks - and wear them all the time, regardless of the weather? Well, put those socks away since you don't want to use them outdoors in the winter months. Why? Simple, they make your foot colder. Instead, use socks made of fleece, IsoWool and similar type fabrics.

NEW From the Members: Please send information, tips, stories, or jokes that you would be willing to share in the Pony Tales to Angie Johnson at: or call 439-6072.

Life's Experiences As the season for vacations winds down, I recall some rather memorable ones we might talk about. We usually go to Yellowstone Park every couple of years in September or October to hear the elk bugle. Missed it this year due to some medical issues, company from Kansas right after Labor Day, which required a trip to Glacier instead, and the usual lack of time and funds, all excuses for staying home on the farm.

We always enjoyed the elk in Yellowstone and my theory was: if we spend some time eye-to-eye, less than 50 feet away from the big bull elk, this would cause old Stiger to imprint and he’d know what he was looking for come hunting season. It didn’t always work, but I never gave up. The elusive wapiti usually stayed rather elusive and we’d end up with track soup, sometimes real thin track soup.

A few years ago when we were packed and ready to leave for the Park, we were delayed by a hitchhiker of the packrat variety who had abandoned the barn and taken up residence in the truck motor. Frosty, our trusty husky, was desperately trying to roust this beast out, and I was beating on the truck hood, thinking he’d evacuate for quieter quarters. He did. He ran out from the truck and up into the car motor parked nearby. I did my drum roll on the car hood and out he came, Frosty right behind him. He ran back under the truck and up on the muffler. Frosty was too big to fit under there after him, so they had the Mexican stand-off to see whose beady eyes would blink first. I should have stayed out of it, but that isn’t my nature, so I poked the broom handle under there and the rat went up into the spare tire that was mounted under the truck.

I suggested Stiger take the tire down (Man Stuff), but he vetoed that idea since it seems this tire bracket must have been welded on with the tire in place, and removing it for flat tires and rats was nearly impossible. It would probably take old Stiger and three truckers to get it down. Come to think of it, maybe that was one of the little details we neglected to mention when we sold the truck…………

But…….back to the rat housed in the tire. We gave up and figured since this rat wanted to be our pet so bad, we’d have the only pet rat who’d been to Yellowstone Park. I named him Ralph and Ralph rode in the spare tire 200 miles to the Park, only to transplant himself somewhere between Gardiner and Old Faithful. We didn’t tell the Park Service about the introduction of this exotic species……….you probably gotta have a permit or something……………and we assume Ralph is doing well in his new home, although we didn’t see him on our last visit.

Another memorable vacation involved a lot more pre-planning. And Stiger refuses to pre-plan. I badgered him for about three months to help me plan a vacation that didn’t involve horses and camping or packtrips, like where we could stay in real motels and eat in real restaurants. His enthusiasm overwhelms me when I suggest such a thing. He finally agreed to set aside the “time slot”, in other words, block out some days in that damn brainbook he carries next to his heart, but that’s as far as he would go. “You figure out the details and just let me know.” “Okay”, says I, “you asked for it.”

So I worked with a travel agent and put it all together, not asking for any suggestions from him that might mess things up. I did the packing and he got a little fidgety when he saw me pack his sportcoat, but he knew better than to ask why. I said, “Just get on the airplane, don’t ask no dumb questions, I’ll tell you where to get off, I’ve been wanting to do that for years.”

A lot of his friends knew where we were going, but they told him he was going to New York and Washington, D.C. to see a few monuments and maybe take in an opera or two. He turned a little green around the gills when our first airplane stop was Minneapolis. I told him I thought we’d spend a few days taking in the shopping malls. He started popping the Rolaids, but he managed to stumble off the plane.

When we were in the air terminal in Minneapolis, he had to go to the bathroom, and he said, “What if we get separated? I don’t have a ticket and I don’t know where I’m going. They’ll probably lock me up!” “Too bad”, says I, “you should have done some pre-planning.” But I relented, he looked so pathetic, and I told him if he got lost in the crowd, go to Gate #19.

When he got there, the sign said, “Nashville”, and he perked up a little. He had a good time there with an afternoon on Music City Row and an evening at the Grand Ol’ Oprey. I told him we were going to take a “little boat ride”, and we boarded the Delta Queen Steamboat for what he thought was a dinner cruise. He had no idea we’d be on the boat for five days and travel from Nashville to St. Louis, MO by paddlewheel, then fly home from there after seeing MY reason for wanting to go to St. Louis.

We spent a day at the Budweiser Clydesdales Breeding Farm, petting the babies, looking over the broodmares and stallions, watching them wash and groom some gelding “trainees” bound for the Big Hitch, and visiting about the program with the Stable Manager. Awesome and the highlight of my trip! The surprise of this whole thing was half the fun of the trip, and I hope to do something similar again someday. All he has to do is bring money and don’t talk, don’t ask no dumb questions.

Some years, we didn’t get in much recreation or vacation time, due to: (multiple choice here) – (a) fires, (b) fires, (c fires. We did manage a trip once in September by canoe, in the rain, down the Missouri River through the White Cliffs area, three days, 60 miles. It was awesome scenery, including The Needle, before it was vandalized and still looking like Lewis and Clark saw it. I bet it was raining when they went by it too.

We took our good old fiberglass Coleman canoe that rows like a washtub, and the peace and solitude of the trip was somewhat marred for me by the constant jibberish emitting from the cowboy in the rear of the canoe, badgering me about my paddling technique, like he’s Hiawatha. He says I canoe like I ski – I do the whole mountain, back and forth, likewise the whole river………..well, I get my money’s worth. I also hit the ball as many times as I can when I play golf…………

Old Stiger likes trips on the water. The year daughter Lynnette graduated from college, he took her on a Windjammer Cruise in the Caribbean and they had a fantastic time. I stayed home to haul the mail, try to compensate their trip by accumulating a little cash, and somebody had to feed and take care of the horses. It might be my turn now, I should be thinkin’ about a trip somewhere to get even. I went to Butte for two days this summer for my high school reunion, maybe that was it, do ya think??
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