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Meeting May 16th, 2012 Board Meets: 5:30 p.m. General Meeting: 6:15 p.m.

Program will be presented by Dr. Tia Nelson, veterinarian, on spring vaccinations.

May 2012 Board Minutes       May 2012 General Membership Meeting Minutes

No reports from the President, Vice-President, Secretary, O-Mok-See Director or Social Director.



The 2012 HTR riding and O-Mok-See schedule is posted and available on the web site Each month you will receive detailed ride information about upcoming rides. These will be email and information on the website.

Our first ride is coming up Saturday May 12th. We will also be kicking off the season with a Pot Luck this Friday night, May 11th starting at 6:30pm at the club house. Hope to see you there. Reminder - all rides start at 10am unless otherwise posted.

Directions to May 12th ride: RV Cattle Ranch Head North on Birdseye just past the North Gate at Ft. Harrison and right after the RR tracks make a LEFT on Barrett road. Go down approximately 1 mile. On Right side you will see the big barn. Pull in and park in the open field. For more information call Eileen Taylor at 406-461-0821.

Total Equine Care Raffle

You will have the opportunity to buy a raffle ticket through May 26th for this pan full of goodies. Tickets will be $1.00 and available starting Friday May 11th. Need not be present to win. The drawing will be during the ride on May 26th. Tell all your friends as this basket is valued at $50.00. The proceeds from this raffle will go towards concession items available while the HTR building is open to the public during the L&C Stampede this year. We will have slices of pie & ice cream, bottled water, pop and coffee for sale at the clubhouse.

Coming Up - The Memorial Day weekend ride and BBQ. May 26th. We will be riding the Crow Creek Falls Trail. The BBQ will follow the ride; burgers and hot dogs provided. Please bring a dish to share, bring your own beverage and easy chair. Detailed directions will be sent out before the ride.

June 16th - HTR Fund Raiser Poker Ride for Eagle Mount Montana. We will have flyers available to post around town soon. WE NEED YOUR HELP WITH IS EVENT! See me to sign up.

Equine Vaccination Clinic

Total Dynamic Balance Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Tia Nelson will be holding an equine vaccination clinic on Saturday, May 19, 2011 from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. on a first come first serve basis. Vaccinations available will be Eastern/Western Encephalitis and West Nile, Tetanus, Rhino Flu all at a reduced cost.


Water Damage Restoration

I have been working with NW Energy who has taken responsibility for crushing the sewer/drain line to the HTR building. I will be submitting a claim to NW Energy within the next few weeks. On April 19th the fairgrounds turned on the water to the building and a few hours later we discovered that our building was flooded. The building has two primary areas of damage: bathrooms, hallway and half the kitchen floor. After an emergency board meeting we agreed to bring in a plumber to confirm what I had suspected that the sewer line had been crushed and when the water was turned back on it had no place to drain so it backed up into the building.

Currently we have one bathroom that is usable. Caution! There is still on open access hole to the crawl space under the building in the back hall way. Subfloor/floor coverings water damage is visible. Please be patient through the process. I hope to have repairs started soon. Dan Taylor

HISTORIAN Cheryl Schmidt

Iíve been very busy and still working on the photo album but so many things have had to take a front seat, especially the flooding of the clubhouse and getting the ride schedules to the printer and re-typing our by-laws for review and updating. Too much going on!

For the last several years Iíve done the Historical Fair in the walking mall downtown but this year I decided I just donít have the gumption to do it. The people that always help, Heather and Kate Hollandsworth, are going to be out of town and I cannot do it myself. Iíve not really had many (any) people volunteer, which seems to be an age old problem. So this year I just had to say no, I canít do it by myself. The date is May 19th and if you want to participate we do have a spot on the walking mall. I donít expect my telephone to be ringing off the hook, but thought I should at least make the option available. Last year Kate and Heather worked so hard on a replica buckboard yard wagon and it was a huge success! They made over $700.00 for the club raffling tickets for the wagon.


Wow, did we ever get a lot done on our Spring Cleanup day! Even without running water, we managed to get a lot of cleaning and organizing accomplished. Sheri Onstott and Shirley Herrin did the much needed inventory of the clubhouse and Candy Score was tearing it up washing windows and tables. The guys got a lot of work done at the arena and a group of 4-H kids showed up to pick up rocks. Thank you so much 4-H club!! Iím sorry I didnít get down to the West Arena to take pictures and was so busy in the clubhouse I nearly forgot to take pictures until lunch time. We had the BEST cornbread brought by Kate Hollandsworth and some white bean and ham soup. It was a wonderful day and we had such a nice group. Thank you to all that showed up, I am not going to list everyone but you know who you are!! Needless to say, everyone worked hard and we had quite a lot of laughing and reminiscing over old times. It was a job to keep water boiling for the dishpans and thank you to whomever kept turning off my boiling pot of water on the stove! Itís an old age thingÖ

Cheryl Bryant took the curtains home to wash and iron and they need to be put back up. If you come to the potluck Friday evening, we do need help hanging the curtains. The ladies bathroom curtains sort of fell apart and we need new curtains for that room.

Peggy Rossberg brought a helper but little Meg was so tuckered out by all the action she had to take a nap at lunch.

Group at lunch
Above, part of the group at lunch. Itís so hard to take a picture of people eating so I do apologize for getting people with their mouths full.

Kate Hollandsworth and Cheryl Schmidt
Kate and Cheryl

End of an EraÖ

This past weekend was the last ďRunning of the HorsesĒ in Three Forks, MT. The Mantle Ranch is for sale and they will not be running horses from winter pasture anymore. Eileen took some nice pictures and I just had to put a few in the newsletter. We had a great time as usual and it was a bittersweet day to see them run for the last time.

Horses running through Three Forks
Here they go through town on their way to their summer pasture.

Horses running through Three Forks

Horses running on the edge of Three Forks
The next morning (Sunday), they take them from a pasture near town and head out for their last destination, the Mantle Ranch.

Bits and Pieces

For information or to submit pictures or comments, please contact Cheryl Bryant (new email address) Ė

If you have anything you would like to post in the Pony Tales, please contact Cheryl Schmidt at 458-3913 or email your request to Please have this information to me before the 10th of the month. Directorís reports are also due at this time.

Did You Know?

Where did cattle brands come from?

The ancient Egyptians and Romans Hieroglyphics on Egyptian tombs dating back at least 4,000 years portray the branding of oxen and cattle. The Romans and Greeks also branded working animals, including oxen, horses, and donkeys. (The Romans even branded human slaves.)

Fire branding most often involved an iron rod, sometimes bearing a symbol or initials, that was heated in a wood or coal fueled fire. When applied to the skin, the red-hot iron formed a permanent scar. To this day, the practice requires a deft hand, as infections can result from unnecessary pressure and deep wounds. Splotchy, indistinct brands come from branding an animalís wet hide.

The Middle Ages Mesta, the first stockmanís union, was established in Castile, Spain, because of the regionís vast grasslands. The Spanish had adopted the Moorís practice of branding cattle for the purposes of identification. Branding the hides of draft livestock and cattle was common, although valuable breeding stock such as bulls and rams were sometimes fire branded on their horns. Initially, when Castilian shepherds prepared their flocks for their migration from summer to winter pasture, they would ceremonially ďbrandĒ their sheep with almagre, red ocher, in order to distinguish their animals from those of other flocks.
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