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         Next meeting May 21, 2014

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Message from our President Heather Hollandsworth

Greetings once again fellow Trail Riders - To say that the Easter Egg Hunt on April 19th was a big hit would be an understatement!!!!

Sheri Onstott and Dave Burleigh were already at the clubhouse when I arrived early to help hide eggs. Dasha and I immediately set to work helping them out. We hid 4 sets of eggs in areas marked off depending on the kids’ age. Once the eggs were hid Sherri turned us to the clubhouse and decorating tables, getting coffee and lemonade mixed, and other pre-party preparations.

All told we had 15 kids there looking for candy filled eggs with a prize egg for each group. We allowed each group to run separately starting with our Under 5 year olds and finishing with our 12 and ups. Our 4 prize egg winners each went home $10 richer for having located the prize egg. Every kid went home with not only their eggs, but a chocolate Easter Bunny!! I haven’t seen that many kids at one of our activities in a very long time. I got more and more excited about this activity with every RSVP I received from the parents. Thank you!!!
Easter egg hunt kids
easter egg hunt kids       Easter egg hunt kids

Easter egg hunt kids

  We had a great pot luck dinner as well with lots of food and lots   of socializing. I think every table in that clubhouse had people   setting on both sides. I also want to thank everyone who helped   clean up. There were so many of you that I can’t mention you   individually…but it sure went quick.

  What an amazing activity for April! Thank you Sheri for coming   up with the idea and putting this together.
Chickens in an Easter basket

Just a quick reminder of a few things happening in May:

The Equine Expo is the 16th, 17th, and 18th in the Multi-Purpose building at the Fairgrounds.
May 18th is also the Helena Trail Riders Fun Day over at the West Arena.
May 21st is our monthly meeting at the clubhouse

Whether you are riding or not riding at the Fun Day, please come down and lend Vickie a helping hand. This is her first year as our O-Mok-See director, so let’s all make sure that we do our best to encourage her to keep at it! Arena help (gates, lanes judges, and property set up/take down) and help in the announcer booth are always needed. If you don’t know what you are doing, there will be someone there to point you in the right direction.
Easter egg hunt kids

I would also like everyone to start planning on what days you would be willing to work the gates for the Fair. We have already been contacted by Keith Hatch from the Fairgrounds asking if the Trail Riders would like the contract again. As this event is our one “fund raiser” for the entire year, the board of directors told him that we would be there again this year. Fair dates are July 26th thru July 28th. Remember this goes a lot smoother the more people we have volunteering for a time slot. So please, please, please come and help out. Heather Hollandsworth

Fun Facts:

DID YOU KNOW? Out of all earth's land animals, the horse has the biggest eyes.
DID YOU KNOW? Spring fever is not just a saying. Experts say the body’s makeup changes due to different diets, hormone production and temperature.
STRANGE HORSE LAWS: Law specifies only men! Ice cream lovers beware in Cotton Valley, Louisiana. Citizens aren't allowed to eat an ice cream cone while on horseback in public places.
STRANGE HORSE LAWS: It's a violation of the law for a married man to ride on Sunday in Wakefield, Rhode Island. Married women aren't mentioned, so it must be okay for them.
HORSE TIP: Try this trick to ensure your horse gets the most out of his deworming medication. Your technique in delivering dewormer influences it's efficacy. You may be quite adept at squirting paste dewormer into your horse's mouth. But even with the best technique you won't succeed in delivering the medication if you don't make sure his mouth is empty first. A least 10 minutes before you administer dewormer, restrict your horse's access to forage or grain. That way, he won't have a partially chewed wad in his mouth to get in the way of the dewormer or to aid his efforts to spit it out. - EQUUS Magazine

NEW From the Members: Please send information, tips, stories, or jokes that you would be willing to share in the Pony Tales to Angie Johnson at: or call 439-6072.

This Month’s Program: Great news!!! Our own Keith Herrin will be giving this months program about his Cavalry School! I am sure it will a riveting account of historical horsemanship, and the ins and outs of Cavalry life. Our next meeting is May 21st at 6:30, so be sure to mark it on your calendar. You won't want to miss it! Cynthia Warner

Upcoming Events:

May 16-18 Equine Expo
May 17th Frontier Ball
May 18th HTR Fun Day @ West Arena
May 24th Tack swap
June 18-22 Adult working Ranch Camp with Candy
June 9-13 Kids Camp with Candy
July 14-18 Kids Camp with Candy
July 21-25 Kids Camp with Candy
July 26-28th Lewis & Clark County Stampede
Aug. 4-8 Kids Camp with Candy

District II 2014 O-mok-See Schedule

May 17th Helena Valley Blues -Open All Breed Horse show. for show schedule.
May 23 Helena Valley Blues, Family Fun Night - Raven Road off Birdseye. ~ Entry fee $5 per person ~ Run at 6:30 ~ Dinner served
June 1st Western Patriots Fun Day, Townsend Fairgrounds
June 8th Whitehall Saddle Club -Point Show, Whitehall Fairgrounds
June 13th Helena Valley Blues- Family Fun Night, Birdseye Arena
June 14th Helena Valley Blues Open O-mok-see, Townsend Fairgrounds~email for entry form
June 21st Helena Valley Blues – Fun Day – Birdseye Arena
June 28th Helena Valley Blues – Point Show – Birdseye Arena
July 12th Helena Trail Riders – Fun Day – Helena Fairgrounds West Arena (*subject to change)
July 19th-26th Nationals, Buffalo, WY July 18th
Helena Valley Blues- Family Fun Night, Birdseye arena
Aug 3rd Western Patriots- Point Show – Townsend Fairgrounds
Aug 8th Helena Valley Blues – Family Fun Night, Birdseye Arena
Aug 9th Helena Trail Riders – Point Show – Helena Fairgrounds, West Arena
Aug 16th District Finals- Townsend Fairgrounds
Aug 30th & 31st – State Finals –TBA

For Sale Items From HTR Members: Candy will be hosting another Tack swap Saturday May 24th at the HTR Clubhouse from 1-5. Come stop by & check things out!! Items below will be included in tack swap (unless sold before).

I have some things for sale that I would like to feature: Horse Trailer - a 2007 Logan Premiere 2-horse slant, bumper-pull with a carpeted tack room. It's in top condition. It's warm-blood sized so there is more head room, has a 30 gallon portable horse water tank in the tack room, screws on the inside of the tack room door to hang the brush bag, a roll-out saddle rack, a new spare tire, 4 really good tires on the trailer with chrome wheels, canvas corner feeders in the stalls, thick rubber flooring, top vent and removeable plexiglass window strips. All the doors lock for security. $7500 (see attached photos)

Saddles - two custom made Ron Zbinden saddles that were made for team penning. Wood/rawhide covered trees, Herman Oaks leather, Wade slick fork trees, 16" seats with 14" comfort cantles, bucking rolls, 3-way cinching system and both in terrific shape. One was built in 1999 the other in 2000. They are built to last and Ron's saddles go from $1800 to $2500. I'm asking $1200 apiece. Candy Score 406-442-2890

Also included in the sale will be a handmade saddle by John Seymour of Dillon, 15 ½-16” seat, suitable for reining, pleasure riding, ranch work. Strong enough to rope in, pretty enough to show in. Fits a horse well. Excellent condition-$1500. Call Margaret at (406) 227-7019 to see and try it out.
Logan horse trailer
Inside of Logan horse trailer

Life's experiences by Bev Stiger My calendar reminds me it is time to send a story in for the Pony Tales. Sometimes the writing inspiration and stories come to mind easily, other times, not so much. Today I’m attempting to shorten a pair of pants I recently bought that are just a tad too long now since I’ve shrunk in my old age. Lesson learned here is: try ‘em on! Don’t just buy the same size you’ve always worn and then fling ‘em into the wash to soften up before the first wearing.

I hate sewing of any type, but this project does remind me of the period in our lives when Sonny worked for the Forest Service and sported the required uniforms, which always seemed to need some type of “altera-tion”. He came to Montana with many pieces of this attire all recently refurbished by his resident reluctant seamstress (that’d be me). But then the Powers Beyond Our Control changed the color and style, which re- quired everybody to order up new everything. This clothing was provided either by the Fechheimer Brothers of Cincinnati, Ohio, or the Nudelman Company in New Jersey.

Our experience began with an order to Fechheimer’s one November for Forest Service uniform shirts, pants, hat, and tie. The tie and hat were shipped in December, but by themselves they didn’t constitute much of a uniform, much less keep the chilly wind out, so these items occupied a space on the closet shelf while awaiting the rest of the order. Various correspondence and inquiries regarding the order resulted in a long reply de-scribing Fechheimer’s problems filling orders since they had received so many at once. Well, it would seem to me, since they had been providing uniforms for the Forest Service for many years and had signed a contract for the new color phase, they should have anticipated the demand and beefed up the staff a little. They didn’t.
v Be that as it may, the pants finally arrived in February. They had obviously been constructed by Omar the Tentmaker out of wrinkley old army tent material left over from World War II, and if a “Western Field Jean” looked like that to Ohio folks, God help ‘em if they ever met a cowboy! The pants were indeed 32 inches around the waist as ordered, and the legs were exactly 31 inches long, however, the crotch length was about 24 inches and hung to his knees. I wonder where they ever got fly zippers that long? Maybe from old army sleeping bags.

We promptly returned the pants, after several weeks of waiting for permission to do so. Then we thought we’d beat the system and order from Nudelman’s. Only Mr. Fechheimer and Mr. Nudelman obviously have lunch together and both sublet the pants contract to the same tent maker. Nudelman pants fit the same way. Being tired of paying postage both directions and waiting weeks for these creations, we gave up and I remade the pants. I took four inches out of each leg and the seat. The long-in-coming explanation I got from Fechheimer was that they had designed the western field jeans to please the vast majority of men who liked their pants to fit like “trousers”, but look like “jeans”. Trousers, yeah right. All these pants lacked was the pleated front. Do you get a little picture of Stiger in “trousers”?? Yeah, me too. So, says I, you are evidently in the minority, Cowboy, deal with it.

So, we had the pants, hat, and tie; no shirts, of course, they were still backordered. They finally arrived in April, long-sleeved, heavy cotton, ironing required, and crooked arm patches. But I was quick to point out that if he held his arm like it was broke at the elbow, and if he bent over a little to the left, you’d hardly notice the arm patches, at least they were right-side-up.

We had ordered a “Field Coat”, thinking it might cover up the old uniform shirt and he could get by. Not so. The coat got backordered too. We ordered a jacket liner, thinking he could wear that in the Spring and at least it would be the right color. The jacket liner arrived in early June, only it was sized wrong. A men’s Size 38 Regular was sized to fit a boy, Size 10, Extra Slim. It had to be returned also, after the countless letters back and forth asking and receiving permission for the return (and believe me, you had to have a good excuse!). I found out through all this correspondence that the coats run very full, and the liners run very small, so no way do you order the same size if you want it to fit the same person. Now why didn’t I know that a Size 44 Long liner would fit under a Size 38 Regular coat? Just stupid, I guess. But we never got to find out because he re-tired ten years later before the replacement liner was ever shipped.

The field coat had arrived long after cold weather was over, but it fit, so we counted our blessings. I vowed to keep it forever and maybe I’ll bury him in it, it means so much after all the trouble we had getting it. I asked for our money back on the jacket liner, pointing out that our checks had been cashed promptly, indicating their Accounts Receivable Dept. was working overtime, regardless of what the rest of them were doing. It took 8 months to get a refund.

I figured after all the complaints on the fit of the uniforms, and all the sad-eyed cowboys out here west of Ohio who were wandering aimlessly through the western stores, carrying baggy tent jeans and trying hope-lessly to match color, the Lee, Wrangler, and Levi people would jump on this and start duplicating the neces-sary colors. But in the interim, the Old Cowboy just threw up his hands, shoved the baggy britches and backorder slips into my capable hands, and stomped out the door in his Wrangler bluejeans and his Carhartt coat, muttering something like, “Do something with these g—d things!!”

So having had a lot of experience with clothing items needing help, you’d think I could keep the darn needle threaded and get these pants shortened! On with the task at hand. Bev

Young girl dressed as a viking Candy Score and Audrey Barber will be riding Candy's Fjords in the Parade of Breeds May 17 at the Equine Expo. Dressed as a Viking warrior and Princess Anna from "Frozen," they will be accompanied by Olaf the snowman.(Picture from last year attached)Candy Score has several horse camps scheduled for the summer.

Two are adult working ranch camps at the Tomahawk ranch in Whitehall. cost $1000. It will include time in the morning for horsemanship; working cattle; riding fence; lots of mountain riding and photo ops; great food and friends; and spectacular sunrises and sunsets! The dates are: June 18 arrival at Noon through June 22, departure after lunch barbeque.

The second date is arrival September 3 at Noon through Sunday September 7 with departure after lunch barbeque. Go to to get a view of the ranch. (Tomahawk Ranch photo) The kids camps are: July 14-18; July 21-25; August 4-8; August 18-22. These are 1/2 day camps from 1 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday here in Helena at the ranch on Hart Lane. They are generally for beginning to intermediate riders from 6 to 12 and the cost is $150.

I also have an advanced rider youth camp at the ranch in Whitehall August 14-17. The kids stay at the upper ranch house and we ride hard. This is not a beginner camp. Ask Madison Warfield, Audrey Barber, Sarah and Jaida Salois who attended last year about bringing the yearlings out of the willows! (moving bulls is from the kids camp at Whitehall) You can call me for my regular riding lesson times Monday, Tuesday and Thursday or for more information on the camps, at 442-2890.

I would also like to see if anyone would be interested in broom ball? I played polo and I know it's on that order, but we'd have to get the rules and do some work on our horses. I think it would be great fun. Candy Score

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