Leprachaun and pot of gold

Meeting March 17th, 2010
Board Meets: 6:30 p.m.        General Meeting: 7:30 p.m.

This month’s presentation will be given by one of our very own!  The daughter of Bill and Marcia Gray, Tessa Gray, was chosen to represent Lewis and Clark County and Montana overseas as an IFYE student.  IFYE stands for International 4-H Youth Exchange.  She will be living and traveling in Switzerland studying agriculture and the arts for six months starting in June 2010.  (Congratulations Tessa!)
pot of gold and rainbow


Happy Spring fellow Trail Riders!  The last couple of weeks have definitely felt like spring and I have talked to a few members who have been out riding and/or working with their horses and mules.  In fact, I have been working with my own yearling mule baby too.  Hope everyone survived the winter okay and are looking forward to trail riding and O-Mok-Sees.  We have our O-Mok-see already scheduled for July 11 and Kurt is looking forward to members scheduling trail rides for this spring and summer!  It looks like our meeting falls on St Patrick's Day this year.  I look forward to seeing everyone there on March 17th wearing o' the green!  Maybe we will even have green tea or green coffee!  Ha. Ha.  Take care.

Scott Stoner, President


The February meeting of the Helena Trail Riders was called to order at 7:45 p.m. by President Scott Stoner.  Minutes were read and motioned by Angie for approval and seconded by Sherri. Treasurer’s report was read and was approved by the general membership. A big thank you to Jan Braico for running the election in January, the elections are as follows.

President-Scott Stoner
Vice-President-Sherri Onstott
Program Director-Heather Hollandsworth
Social Director-Rita McNees
Historical Director-Cheryl Schmidt
Maintenance Director-Bob Braico

Letter from Helena Symphony for a derby party and asking for the mailing list;  Cheryl will put info in the Pony Tales for those interested in attending since HTR policy says we will not give out addresses of our members.

Board of Directors has decided that HTR will not join BCH (Back Country Horseman).

Directors’ Reports

Heather Hollandsworth-Program, Bob and Sonny will be running a video for this evening and Keith or a member of the mounted riders next month.  Poker buy in this evening for $5, there will not be a drawing for July, October or December since we do not have a regular meeting in those months.  You have to be at the meeting to draw a card no one can draw for you.

Kurt Burnham-Trails, No set dates for rides but supplied a schedule from the 10 Mile Drives.

Keith Herrin-O-Mok-See,Find out this week whether the state O-Mok-See will be in Libby or Billings, Nationals will be in Kalispell and practices will be on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the West arena.  Fees have increased by a $1.

Cheryl Schmidt-Historian, Nothing to report.

Bob Braico-Maintenance, Identifying items that need repair and will have a detailed list next meeting.

Rita McNees-Social,If you know of anyone that is sick or what not let her know so she can send out a card.

Sherri Onstott-Vice-President, Nothing to report

Trail Update

08-09 trail work done, brochure showing new routes; there are several new loops up there but a little inconvenient to get there but once there, there are lots of options.
High Divide trails had a lengthy meeting 2/16, in a few years they have cleaned 71/2 miles of trails; planning two projects, one in Boulder one by Thunder Bolt Mountain and one on Champion Pass for 4 miles of trail cleaning.

New Business

Thank you Bev, Judy & Roberta for being on the audit committee.

Scott will talk to the past Presidents that did not receive a gift to see what they may be interested in and will then make a committee to determine cost.

The Edward Jones account will be eliminated taking a portion of the funds and putting them into a 1 year CD and a short term bond with the leftovers placed into the American Fed account.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm

Chris Warren, Secretary/Treasurer

Public Relations - Programs

I would like to start an "Around the Campfire" section in the Pony Tales.  This would be a section for keeping up with what various members are doing. 

Heather Hollandsworth, Public Relations


Hello all.  I am still formulating what I would like to do with this new position of Historian.  One thing that I know needs to be done (desperately) is to save and preserve our oldest scrapbooks.  If anyone is interested in helping me do this I can use all the help I can get.  I would also like to interview some of our older members; ah, I mean, long-time members and put together some short programs for the meetings.  These bits about our people and history will also be put into a scrapbook for the membership.  In addition to all that…. I am still very interested in doing a cookbook for our club.  Please email me at least three recipes (or more) that are your favorites, your mother’s favorites or whomever’s favorites (men, you are not excluded from this!).  Please give a little history on the recipe if you can.  I would like to have a section of old time recipes, their history, etc.  I would prefer the recipes be in a Word file but if you don’t have access to it you can also submit recipes by mail.  If you have any questions please call me at 458-3913 or email at ornrycwgirl@in-tch.com.  Mailing address:  Cheryl Schmidt, 7092 Applegate Drive, Helena, MT  59602

Cheryl Schmidt, Historian

Bits and Pieces

For information or to submit pictures or comments, please contact Cheryl Bryant – govcup@copper.net
Please submit pictures ONE AT A TIME. 

If you have anything you would like to post in the Pony Tales, please contact Cheryl Schmidt at 458-3913 or email your request to ornrycwgirl@in-tch.com.  Please have this information to me before the 10th of the month.

Remember:  West Arena Schedule is (exclusive use) every Tuesday and Thursday and the first Friday of the month.

Kate Hollandsworth is looking for a well-trained driving burro/donkey/pony/small mule.  If you know of anyone who has such a creature, please call her at 492-7206 or email her at avn7206@blackfoot.net

Upcoming Events:

The Helena Symphony is having a Special Event on May 1, 2010 - “The Run for the Roses” Derby party.  It is being held at the Lakeside Resort with enough TVs to watch the “Race”, sip Mint Juleps, Derby food and a hat contest.  If you have any questions or would like more information please call Lois Hudson at 422-5318 or Cookie Pheffer at 462-1600.

** Next month I will put together a list of activities; rodeos, horse shows, Ten Mile Drivers, 4-H events, O-Mok-See,  mule days, etc.  If you have something you would like to add to the list, please let me know.  This information needs to be sent to me by the first week of April.

“A mule is happy to labor for a decade or two in exchange for the privilege of kicking you once...”
William Faulkner

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