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          Meeting March 19th, 2014

Board Meets: 5:30 p.m. General Meeting: 6:15 p.m.

Message from our President: Heather Hollandsworth

Well folks I hope that you have all managed to dig yourselves out of the latest snow storm. The first, and probably most important, if you have not paid your dues for 2014 this will be the last newsletter that you will be receiving. So please… either come to the March 19th meeting or get them mailed in.

There were a few folks who showed up to play bingo for our February activity. Thanks to Linda, Jessie, Dave, Julie, Kimberly, Vickie and Cynthia. I now know that calling bingo is not the profession for me. The tables were decorated with red metallic streamers, tootsie rolls and heart shaped York peppermint patties. We used sweethearts as game pieces. There was lots of talking and some tormenting. I had Dasha’s help purchasing prizes…we got a small box of chocolates, a chocolate frog, a bag of Dove chocolates, and a bouquet of assorted chocolate. However, besides the four winners who went home with chocolate, these folk now have a $6 head start in the participation dollars for the year!

Thanks again to those who showed up for our activity!!
March bingo game

Last but not least, we are going to be having a taco bar for our March 19th dinner. Heather Hollandsworth

From the Directors Historian- Marcia Gray No news from Marcia this time. Taking care of dad and his acreage of lizards, cacti, quail and fruit trees. Frogs sing me to sleep and the neighbor's rooster wakes me up. Two donkeys bray across the valley and the ravens enjoy the thermals above. Snow on the mountains across the valley. Enough quiet to make living easy. It is important for me to be here at this time but I do keep in touch with home in Montana. I hear my horse is getting most of the groceries and a lot less of the exercise. Keep those pictures coming. A few shots of the Back to Earth Club participants would make a fun scrapbook page.

O-Mok-See – Vicki Blixt In the past few weeks I have reached out to our club members asking for their input regarding O Mok See entry fees. I did hear from a few members and the general consensus was to leave the fees as they were. Those fees are $5.00 for kids, $10.00 for adults. Once I get our board's ok, I will let District know of our decision. I'm not sure yet if the entry fees for the District shows will be higher. I will pass this information on once available. I want to starting reminding everyone that our first O Mok See event will be a fun day on May 18th. Please mark this on your calendar and plan to join us. Come on Spring!! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me at: tovikywho@q.com Vickie Blixt O Mok See Director

Trail Ride Director - Chris Warren Hello fellow trail riders....as we quickly come to the approach of spring I would like to ask if anyone has any wishes as to where we would like to start our spring rides to get all the animals plus ourselves conditioned for the coming months of spring and summer riding. We will probably do short easy rides so the horses get a chance to get accustomed to the changing season especially if they have had the entire winter off. I would like to keep our rides to the North Hill access or to Scratch Gravel hills as these are easy to moderate rides with just enough hills and distance to work the horses without too much sweating and muscle fatigue. Please let me know if you have any preferences to days or times that work better for you. I will make it a point to get started on scheduled rides but with the weather being as it is during spring in Montana we take chances on it being nice enough to get out and stay out. Happy spring and hope to see many of you at the next meeting. Chris Warren Trail Boss

This Month’s Program:

Hi all!! I am pleased to announce that our first guest speaker of the year will be Doc Mandy McGowan. She will be speaking on the do's and don'ts of springtime horsekeeping. So be sure NOT TO MISS our March meeting!!

When: March 19, 2014      Where: HTR Building      Time: 6:30 for general membership

Be there, or be square!!! Cynthia Warner

Fun Facts:

DID YOU KNOW? Most of the time a horses ears point where they are looking. If a horses ears are pointed in different directions, then chances are they are looking at two different things at the same time.

Spring Barn Maintenance Tips: Sweep out the hay loft. If the chaff is too dusty for horses to eat put it on your garden. It makes great mulch.
Horse with ears laid back
Upcoming Events:

March 19th HTR Meeting- Taco Bar & presentation by Doc Mandy McGowen
April 12-13th HTPA clinic with Phil Mainey
District II 2014 O-mok-See Schedule
May 17th Helena Valley Blues -Open All Breed Horse show. Email stole_em2000@yahoo.com for show schedule.
May 23 Helena Valley Blues, Family Fun Night -Raven Road off Birdseye. ~Entry fee $5 per person ~ Run at 6:30 ~ Dinner served
June 1st Western Patriots Fun Day, Townsend Fairgrounds
June 8th Whitehall Saddle Club -Point Show, Whitehall Fairgrounds
June 13th Helena Valley Blues- Family Fun Night, Birdseye Arena
June 14th Helena Valley Blues Open O-mok-see, Townsend Fairgrounds~email stole_em2000@yahoo.com for entry form
June 21st Helena Valley Blues – Fun Day – Birdseye Arena
June 28th Helena Valley Blues – Point Show – Birdseye Arena
July 12th Helena Trail Riders – Fun Day – Helena Fairgrounds West Arena (*subject to change)
July 19th-26th Nationals, Buffalo, WY
July 18th Helena Valley Blues- Family Fun Night, Birdseye Arena
Aug 3rd Western Patriots- Point Show – Townsend Fairgrounds
Aug 8th Helena Valley Blues – Family Fun Night, Birdseye Arena
Aug 9th Helena Trail Riders – Point Show – Helena Fairgrounds, West Arena
Aug 16th District Finals- Townsend Fairgrounds
Aug 30th & 31st – State Finals –TBA

NEW From the Members: Please send information, tips, stories, or jokes that you would be willing to share in the Pony Tales to Angie Johnson at: a_johnson@bresnan.net or call 439-6072.

Life's Experiences After the holidays are over and things settle down to a dull roar, I start thinking about fierce cleaning and major removal of my year’s worth of household filth, especially when weather is such that I can’t think about yard work yet. And this is certainly the year for that! Maybe no yard work thinking until at least late May from the looks of the piles of snow in my driveway. Anyway, I like to accomplish this indoor task before the weather gets nice and I want to be outside.

A few years back, these disgusting thoughts were rattling around in my head, and in the process of lining up the tools I’d need for the project, I realized I had been coping with a balky Kirby vacuum cleaner long enough.

I explained this to the old Cowboy, and his theory was that if it still worked at all, even sometimes, no need to spend the money on a new one. It had worked fine the last time he had used it, which I suspect was about 1942.

Since he was a Government employee at the time, he was very familiar with the Interoffice Memo, and when the Memo spoke, he produced. I decided, after a particularly frustrating afternoon deal-ing with the old vacuum cleaner, to write him an Interhousehold Memo and see how that worked. I’ll share that Memo with you here, just in case you ever need to adapt this technique to your own situation:

To: E. M. Stiger, Labor
From: Bev Stiger, Management
Subject: Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

Background information vital to Problem-Solving Technique:

Fact 1: Current wife has been patiently petting and pushing said 90-lb. Kirby Vacuum Cleaner for several years. Subject vacuum cleaner was a gift from former wife to her soon-to-be ex-husband (that’d be You, Stiger). Since the vacuum appeared to be the ex-husband’s sole worldly possession after their divorce procedures (well, he also got a ratty old Jeep and an array of Forest Service uni-form shirts with missing buttons, and his fiddle), current wife tried valiantly to accept such gift with grace and poise and be forever grateful.

Fact 2: Current wife did not succeed. She has never been long on gratefulness for gifts from for-mer wife. Former wife pre-programmed the vacuum before she parted with it, with the result that said vacuum doesn’t do cleaning. Never has, never will.

Fact 3: Current wife has always hated said vacuum with a passion from Day One. Current wife would be delighted to never see this vacuum again. She could suck up more dirt with a straw than this vacuum does. Soon-to-be non-current wife just spent an hour and a half trying to install new belt to drive suction mechanism of vacuum, after vacuum ate its old belt. Vacuum kept coming apart in smaller and smaller pieces, nevermore to resume same shape again.

Solution to Problem arrived at through Government-taught procedure: (select one)

Alternative A: Take subject vacuum to the House of Vacuums as a trade-in on rebuilt vacuum of any type and vintage, anything but a Kirby. Pay the difference out of your personal account of rat-holed music money. Or, as the case may be, pay the House of Vacuums to take subject Kirby off your hands permanently.

Alternative B: Place subject vacuum in its current state of disarray in current wife’s car, and cur-rent wife will deliver Kirby back to former wife and make installation.

Alternative C: Instant Divorce, with the following terms:
Husband receives: Kirby vacuum cleaner, fiddle, and remaining Forest Service uniform shirts, complete with buttons (ratty old Jeep has since died).
Wife receives: Everything else, including all the rest of husband’s personal possessions, to be sold at auction in order to finance new vacuum.

Important Cautionary Note:
Husband, i.e., E. M. Stiger, must not labor under false assumption that home repair or shop repair of subject Kirby vacuum cleaner will appease current wife, or in any way lessen her years of frustration inflicted by said vacuum. Any attempt on husband’s part to offer repair as a possible alternative will result in immediate implementation of Alternative C (see above).

The results of this Memo, you ask? Well, suffice it to say that I have since been operating with a very nice Electrolux, and more recently, an equally nice Simplicity vacuum. I find that the way you word the request makes all the difference.

Now I’m trying to come up with another plausible excuse for not wanting to tear into my spring cleaning. Maybe when they make a household vacuum you can ride on, I’ll show more enthusiasm. Bev
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