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Meeting June 15, 2011

Board Meets: 6:30 p.m.

General Meeting: 7:30 p.m.

This month’s program will feature our very own Sonny Stiger. He will give a talk on Fire Management regarding having a defensible space around your home/property and dealing with bug killed trees.

FROM THE PRESIDENT No report Sheri Onstott, President

FROM THE VICE PRESIDENT No report Chris Warren, Vice-President

FROM THE SECRETARY Due to the weather, the secretary cannot get the report done for this newsletter. When it is available I will send it out via e.mail.

Kate Hollandsworth, Secretary


May 14th - Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. at the Holding Reservoir.

Three people attended this ride: Kurt Burnham, Randy Onstott and Cheryl Schmidt. It was a perfect evening, a nice breeze to keep the bugs away and a beautiful sunset.

May 30th - McMasters West Entrance to McMasters North. This ride was cancelled due to weather.

June 10th – Hilger Evening Ride. This ride has been cancelled due to weather.

Eileen Taylor, Trail Ride Director


The Historical Fair in the Walking Mall was very well attended and the parade was great. The weather decided to give us a break and no rain fell. I have already sent out some pictures of the event for those of you with computers and Cheryl Bryant is putting the rest on the website. Much thanks to the people who helped to make this a fun day: Kate and Heather Hollandsworth, Sonny Stiger, Bob Braico and Mary and Jack Kelley. Now that this event is over I can start working on the cookbook again. I wanted to have it done for the Historical Fair but just had too much on my plate. I still have not heard how successful our raffle was of the beautiful wagon that Kate and Heather built.

Cheryl Schmidt, Historian


Terry Olson from The Trailer Shop gave the program last month. Terry owns The Trailer Shop (previously Helena Trailer Sales) located at 3426 US Hwy 12 in East Helena. This is across from the auto mall. Terry explained that a yearly inspection of your trailer should include:
• Checking your trailer hitch (and the hitch on your truck)
• Checking your trailer jack
• Checking your brakes
• Taking our your floor mats (whether your floor is metal or wooden) and checking the floor of your trailer
• Greasing and lubing your wheel bearings
• Checking the lug nuts every 100 miles

The Trailer Shop hours are from 8-5 Monday thru Friday and 8-12 on Saturday.

Heather Hollandsworth, Programs


Failed Water Service. The water line between the water main and the Clubhouse failed (large leak) in late May. The good news is the county made the repair. The bad news is they believed they would also have to replace the water line from the curb stop (just outside our building) to the plumbing within our building. As a result, they requested access to our crawl space. To accommodate their request, I had to cut a hole in the floor near our back door. The good news is they really didn’t need crawl space access (that portion of the piping from the curb stop to inside our building was okay) but, it did provide me with an opportunity to inspect the drain, waste and vent piping where we did have a problem. (The entire system was suspended with one piece of wire and two lengths of heavy sisal string—yikes!) So, I spent the better part of an afternoon installing pipe strap (plumber’s tape) in several locations. That should be a permanent fix. However, as of 6/7/11, I still have to fix the hole in the floor. So, watch your step. (Actually, the hole is temporarily covered.)

New Windows. Jack Kelley and I installed the three new Meeting Room east side windows on June 1st. To complete the job, jamb extensions and inside and outside trim plus foam insulation still need to be installed.

Furnace Damper. I’m in the process of installing an extension to the heat damper in the furnace room. For shorter folks, having to stand on a chair to reach the damper lever just isn’t safe.

Mowing. With the coming of spring comes the requirement to mow and trim the grass at the Clubhouse and the Announcer’s Stand Area on a weekly basis. So far, I’m able to keep up but, just barely with the frequent rain events.


On Tues evening, June 6th, the first of three June meetings was held (others will be held on June 13th and 20th). Purpose of these meetings is to develop a High Divide Trails alternative to the Continental Divide Trail alternatives developed by the Lincoln Ranger District. (We think we can do a better job.) Our alternative will be submitted to the Forest Service at the end of June. Focus of the first meeting was on the section between Nevada Mountain and Flesher Pass. The next two sessions will focus on trail segments north of Flesher Pass. The goal of our proposal will be separation of non-motorized from motorized use where practicable while still recognizing the needs of motorized users. The two members most familiar with the Nevada Mtn to Flesher Pass area have been tasked with development of the detailed plan for this first segment. More information will be made available for review as it is developed.

Bob Braico, Building Maintenance

Bits and Pieces

Our WEBSITE has been updated. A big thanks to Cheryl Bryant! www.helenatrailriders.org

For information or to submit pictures or comments, please contact Cheryl Bryant – govcup@copper.net. Please submit pictures ONE AT A TIME.

If you have anything you would like to post in the Pony Tales, please contact Cheryl Schmidt at 458-3913 or email your request to ornrycwgirl@mt.net. Please have this information to me before the 10th of the month.

Upcoming Events/Activities:

Tom Bruhn, who was hurt a couple months ago in a bad fall, needs to trade some round bales for small square bales as he cannot pitch the hay from round bales. If you have any hay you can spare or would like to trade for round bales, please contact Tom and Melony Bruhn at 458-5043 or www.montanalivinghistory.org

I found this website in the Independent Record. I thought it would be interesting but it’s not too specific. Anyway, here it is: www.helenamontanamaps.org

There was also an interesting site regarding the flooding in L&C National Forest. www.inciweb.org

Colin Prendergast is hauling hay for hire. He charges $40.00 a ton. He picks the hay up and delivers it to you and stacks it. His phone number is 422-2237.

“People with horse sense – know when to say nay...”

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