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Meeting June 16th, 2010

Board Meets: 6:30 p.m.

General Meeting: 7:30 p.m.
Greetings Fellow Trail Riders! Well school is out and graduations have happened--must be summer! The calendar says so but the weather hasn't been very conducive to very many trail rides or riding outdoors. I would like to think that nice weather is just around the corner. Speaking of just around the corner....here it is June already and the fair is next month already as well as our annual Ice Cream Social. Yumm. Please get with Sherri Onstott (431-1014) and let her know what dates and times you can work the gates. Remember this is our club's only fundraiser for the year and it takes everyone to pull a shift or two. Thanks. Don't forget Mule Days is this weekend -- June 11-13 in Missoula, MT at the fairgrounds. Hope to see you all there. Good luck and good riding!

Scott Stoner, President

The May meeting of the Helena Trail Riders was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by President Scott Stoner.

Minutes were read and motioned for approval by Bob for approval and seconded by Angie.

Treasurer’s report was read and was motion for approval by Bob, Bill 2nd.

Correspondence None

Directors’ Reports Kurt Burnam-Trails, Need to have volunteers to lead rides. August ride with 10 mile drivers in Granite Creek.

Bob Braico-Maintenance, 2nd door for announcer’s booth, donated by Valley Bank should be here soon. If you are interested in helping with any of the maintenance projects please contact Bob he can always use a good hand.

Heather Hollandsworth-Program, Melody/Tom Brian for program tonight but needs ideas for future.

Cheryl Schmidt-Historian, Needs 3 recipes from everyone

Rita McNees-Social, None

Old Business

Lawson’s estate sale went very well.

Sonny’s for play day, 6/26 at 10am, always lots of fun

Sherri, interested in joining the drill team let her know, must be a member of HTR. Riding clinic 5/22-23 and another in June; Cheryl will send out info in Pony Tales.

HTR will be working the East/West gates for the fair, this is a great fund raiser for the club but need volunteers, please volunteer to work at least 2 shifts.

Adding line to by-laws stating club house can be used with prior approval of the board of directors for fundraising activities, Sandy moved for approval and Kurt seconded.

New Business

High Divide trails 19/20th of June in Telegraph creek to finish trail for 14 miles, will need volunteers for cooking

History fair 5/22, Cheryl and Heather manned with Judy & Jim and took photo albums but does not seem like anyone is interested in volunteering time so will not being doing again this year.

Sandy said Roy Pace has been riding with the Last Chance Stampede for 30 years; looking for people who would like to ride in the parade.


6/5 Horse Sanctuary tack sale at HTR club house
Play date at Sonny & Bev’s June 26th at 10am
7/11 O Mok See at West Arena


Melody & Tom spoke about the History Fair and the Montana Wild West Fest

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm

Chris Warren, Secretary/Treasurer

Building and Maintenance

Working Hard! Recent Work Activities

--Repair of women’s restroom toilet. Work consisted of grinding out the crack in back of the toilet and then filling the crack with a steel-reinforced epoxy resin. Total cost was $2.29 for a pointed grinding stone. A second grinding stone and the epoxy were donated by Bob.

--Announcer’s Stand Concrete Pad. A concrete pad was installed at the entrance to the lower portion of the Announcer’s Stand to eliminate a tripping hazard and to improve the overall appearance of the building. Granular fill was then placed along the perimeter of the concrete pad to provide a smooth transition. Total cost was $17.25 for 5 sacks of concrete mix.

--Mowing and Trimming. Because of all the rain (finally), the grass has started to grow—has it ever! We are now on a regular program of mowing and trimming around the Clubhouse and the Announcer’s Stand/Picnic Area. There are no costs associated with this activity.

--New Announcer’s Stand Stairs. Bob met with Keith Hatch, Fairgrounds Manager, and received Mr. Hatch’s permission to salvage redwood originally used to construct the ramp at the Annex Building next to the Clubhouse. To date, salvaging this material has proven far more difficult than anticipated. However, if the salvage can be successfully completed, it will save use most of the cost of new materials for constructing new stairs to the upper level of the Announcer’s Stand. So far, costs associated with salvage have been limited to $9.99 for a screw extractor.

--Front Lawn. The lawn area at the front of the Clubhouse was raked, reseeded and mulched. Previously, Fairgrounds staff placed topsoil in the areas seeded and mulched. Hopefully, we’ll receive cooperation from the public in keeping their horses off this area. There are no costs associated with this activity.

Bob Braico, Maintenance

Trail Rides

Hi everyone, hope you have all been out for a ride in spite of the rain. sorry we haven't had any trailrides but between the weather and getting the big hitches going for muledays i haven't had time and NOBODY has offered to lead one !!!! so hopefully at the june meeting we will get started. i will personally lead some when we get back. I hope that all of you can come to the missoula fairgrounds for at least one day of the montana muledays. it is probably the best equine event in the state and alot of fun to watch. its june 11.12.13th the chariot races are friday night and the log pull was moved to saturday night. there is plenty of room to bring a camper or tent and stay the weekend. hope to see you there.

Kurt Burnham, Trail Ride Director


Please email me at least three recipes (or more) that are your favorites, your mother’s favorites or whomever’s favorites (men, you are not excluded from this!). Please give a little history on the recipe if you can. I would like to have a section of old time recipes, their history, etc. I would prefer the recipes be in a Word file but if you don’t have access to it you can also submit recipes by mail. If you have any questions please call me at 458-3913 or email at ornrycwgirl@in-tch.com. Mailing address: Cheryl Schmidt, 7092 Applegate Drive, Helena, MT 59602

Cheryl Schmidt, Historian

2010 MSCA District II O-Mok-See Dates

May 23 Helena Valley Blues Funday Birdseye arena
June 6 District Funday Birdseye arena
June 12-13 Scholarship O-Mok-See Whitehall, MT
June 27 Western Patriots Funday Hildebrands’s Arena
July 11 Helena Trail riders Point L & c west Arena
July 24-30 Nationals Kalispell, MT
August 1 Memorial O-Mok-See Funday Hildebrand’s Arena
August 8 Western Patriots Point Hildebrand’s Arena
August 15 Helena Valley Blues Point Birdseye Arena
August 22 District Show Point Hildebrand’s Arena
Sept 4-6 State O-Mok-See Billings, MT

Please call before you go


Birdseye arena (Hardie’s) Birdseye road to raven, west on raven rd (Last Chance Chapel sign is on the corner)

Hildebrand’s arena (boulder) Go through boulder staying on HWY(like going to Whitehall), turn left on hubbard rd. ( the 1st road to the left after the rodeo grounds) then turn left on upper valley rd at the T , parking- turn right before the arena.

L & C West Arena (Helena Fairgrounds) Lewis & Clark Fairgrounds come in the main gate take the road to the left go round the park and the arena will be on the left.

Contracts: Call in to enter or if you have questions

Western Patriots- Patsy Anderson -439-8916 o_mok_see@msn.com or panderson@helena.k12.mt.us (until June 18)

Helena Valley Blue- Farrah Geier-202-1352 fgeier@wildblue.net or Moriah Ogle 202-5729 or 406-368-2392 stole_em2000@yahoo.com

Helena Trail Riders- Keith Herrin H449-6867 c 461-3614 or Sandy Merchen 465-9364

District- (Sissy) Peggy Bartmess-458-3860- mthams@Bresnan.net

All e-mail addresses are lower case and patsy’s has underscores after the o and the k in o mok see and Moriah’s has 1 between the e’s

Bits and Pieces

Helena Trail Rider’s Website: www.helenatrailriders.org

For information or to submit pictures or comments, please contact Cheryl Bryant – govcup@copper.net. Please submit pictures ONE AT A TIME.

If you have anything you would like to post in the Pony Tales, please contact Cheryl Schmidt at 458-3913 or email your request to ornrycwgirl@in-tch.com. Please have this information to me before the 10th of the month.

Remember: West Arena Schedule is (exclusive use) every Tuesday and Thursday and the first Friday of the month.

Upcoming Events/Activities:

FUN DAY AT STIGER’S. The Fun Day ranch horse competition at Stiger's is planned for Saturday, June 26, starting at 10:00 in the morning. We will do the same kind of obstacles as in the past; open and close a gate, side pass up to a mail box, put on a slicker, show your control of your horse in an enclosed square, cross a bridge, walk across a tarp, etc. If anyone has any good ideas to add to the fun, let me know. Bring your lunch, something to drink, and a lawn chair for comfort.

Our place is 3675 Juniper Drive. That is accessed via the frontage road just two miles north of Home Depot. Turn onto Stable Road, then left onto Juniper Drive, go about a half a mile to the end of the pavement. Just before the end of the pavement you will see the Stiger Road sign going to the right. There is plenty of room to park. If you get lost, call my cell phone at 431-2798 and we will talk you in. If you are coming from the north valley, use Sierra Road from Montana to the Frontage Road, then 2 miles south on Frontage to Stable Road. We are looking forward to a good time.

MULE DAYS, June 11, 12, 13. Missoula Montana.


We will camp and work together rebuilding a key section of a new 14.5 mile trail for bicyclists, hikers, and horseback riders along the Continental Divide between Helena and Butte in the Electric Peak Roadless Area traversing part of the proposed Thunderbolt Creek Recreation Area (S 1470).

Dinner will be provided June 19 for campers followed by a Fathers Day pancake breakfast and lunch on Sunday. If you can volunteer to help with cooking, please call Bob Braico at 442-0923.

To participate you must register online with our partners : http://www.cdtrail.org/page.php?pname=MT/High_Divide

URGENT NOTICE: Recently Pete and Chris Warren had two saddles stolen from their tack room (June 2). One is a 14 ½ inch dark brown tooled barrel saddle and the other is a 15 inch medium brown tooled trail saddle. Both saddles have much sentimental value and ANY help in finding them and returning them to the Warren’s would be much appreciated. If you have any information please contact Chris at 461-6257. There is a 100.00 dollar reward for their return.

“Children and ponies are natural allies and often have identical dispositions.”

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