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Board Meets: 5:30 p.m. monthly on the third Wednesday / This month June 21

President: Marcia Gray, 443-2679 jambat@3riversdbs.net

Kim copeland, 439-4320

Treasurer: Sheri Onstott, 431-1014 nighthorse1970@gmail.com

Trail Rides: Rory Copeland, 459-8093

Building/ Maintenance: Bill Gray, 443-2679 jambat@3riversdbs.net

Historian: Shirley Herrin, 442-8858 Shirley.herrin@gmail.com

O-Mok-See: Keith Herrin, 461-3614 cavtrooper@uscavalryschool.com

Public Relations/Social (Combined this year): Carol Ham, 458-9779 sundowndun@yahoo.com

Director Representatives: Vicky Blixt, Montana Saddle Club Assoc, 202-2355, tovikywho@q.com


Odd numbered months will have a membership and board meeting. Even numbered months we will have an activity and board meeting. June - Ice Cream Social, to start at 6 pm Wednesday the 21st. Will have banana splits, ice cream Sundays and what ever you want to put together. This is a family affair and you may bring friends. The more the merrier, and a good way to get to know about Helena Trail Riders.

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From Our President ----------- Howdy to Helena Trail Riders in the busy month of June.

Please welcome new member Brian Vogt who rides a good looking Palomino. He is interested in riding at the west arena, going on trail rides and riding in general.

A huge thank-you to Marks Post, Pole and Lumber. They generously donated the posts and poles that need to be placed at the west arena. We had planned a joint work session with the Rodeo club and HTR members for May 22nd. Unfortunately, somebodies forgot to read the memo, email or calendar, and we ended up with the Grays and Hollandsworths eating pizza at the picnic table. I am making plans to reschedule, but with school out, the rodeo kids may be more difficult to pin down.

Rita Newman has stated she wants to work at the West gate taking gate entries during the Fair. Kim Copeland, V.P. would like to have many more early volunteers for the east and west gates as soon as you know you will be able to help. This is our fund raiser for the year.

If you look at all our trophies and scrapbooks, you’ll see how big a part O-Mok-See has been with the Helena Trail Riders. It takes a lot of work from a lot of people to put on a successful O-Mok-See. We have enthusiastic participants but this year the scales have tipped dramatically and we find ourselves in a situation where there are not enough members to fill all the necessary jobs to put on a point show.
It was brought up at the board of directors meeting to cancel this year’s show but put it to the membership to make the final decision since they would be the ones needed to work at it. There were 10 votes; 8 for canceling and 2 for going ahead with the show. Those without an email address were not canvassed because of time restraints. An email was sent out but it did not make it in the last Pony Tales before the deadline.

I would like to encourage members to get involved this year and learn some of the skills necessary for providing an impressive O-Mok-See in the future. We have had to cancel shows before only to pick them up again later. I would not be in favor of dropping O-Mok-Sees altogether. I see this as a temporary hold where we can use this year to gain experience then continue our point show in 2018. There are other O-Mok-Sees going on this summer so the enthusiasts still have other venues. We can also have a fun day where points don’t count and we aren’t restricted by time.

The arena is still open Tuesdays, Thursdays and first Fridays to any member who wants to ride.

Please remember any and all of you are welcome at any board meeting. You may have to save comments for the end of the session but you are welcome to sit in on our meetings.

Please join us for our ice cream social, June 21st at 6:00. Meet new members, bring potential members, and just join us for a tasty time.


Maintenance - The maintenance director has run into a few snags with the electricity, so the stoves are out of commission for a while longer. The mens’ room door has been adjusted and preparation to replace the metal back door is underway. The back deck repair is on hold until I get some of my home repairs done. Help with the arena when it is rescheduled will be most appreciated.


Anyone with suggestions for programs or activities, please come to a meeting and share, or let a board of directors member know what you would like to see or hear about.

• Any member can contribute to the Pony Tales. For sale or wanted items and articles must be to Sharon by the 10th of each month.
• It is important that no Helena Trail Rider member is left out of the loop because he/she doesn’t have the latest social communication device. Please let us know of any member who is not receiving the newsletter either via e-mail or by snail-mail.
• Send items you wish included in the newsletter to trailridershelena@gmail.com.

                       TRAIL RIDES
Horse stuck over a log

We are going to ride up refrigerator canyon into the Gates of the Mountains wilderness area for our July ride. To get there go out York Road to the town of York. Take a left at the York bar and go through the cribbage capital (Nelsen) towards Hogback lookout. It is about 5 or 6 miles from Nelsen to the Refrigerator Canyon trailhead. Parking is limited, so please try to trailer together if you can. There is a nice camping area above the trailhead where we will have a social after the ride. The ride will be about 2 hours each way, with a stop for lunch. It has some rocky areas so shoes are recommended. The trail is good.

If you have any questions, please call 439-4320. Thanks, Rory and Kim Copeland These are some pic's from our ride last weekend up Trout Creek.

Trout Creek Ride
Kim Copeland, Cheryl Bryant and Nancy Rude.
Trout Creek Ride
Nancy Rude, Kim Copeland and Cheryl Bryant

I need to get the list made up for the gate duties for the fair. Please let me know what days you will be able to work a 2-2.5 hour shift and if you have a preference on the day(s). The days are Wed night beginning at 5 pm. to 9:15 pm. Thurs and Friday 1 pm to 9:15 pm. Saturday is 11 am. - 9:15pm. The fair runs Wed 7/26-Sat 7/29.

If you have any questions, please call 439-4320. Thanks, Rory and Kim Copeland


Club Contacts:

Helena Trail Riders- Vickie Blixt 442-1717

O-Mok-See Coordinator – Keith Herrin 461-3614

Gone with the Wind – Peggy Huntington 459-2161

Western Patriots- Patsy Althof 439-8916

Helena Valley Blues – Moriah Parker 202-5729

Remember: West Arena Schedule is (exclusive use) every Tuesday and Thursday and the first Friday of the month. Don’t forget to check on all Helena Trail Riders information posted to the website (including past copies of Pony Tales). Suggestions or corrections to Cheryl Bryant 2chalkie@gmail.com
Guy on a cartoon rocking horse

Join us on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/helenatrailriders

Remember, the facebook page is not the website.


Tessa Gray has a new business opening July 14th. Nothing to do with horses, though. It is an escape room and can be booked online but does have a phone number for more information. Per the Helena IR, an escape room is a live-action gaming and entertainment adventure. Participants are given a set amount of time to solve a series of puzzles and challenges using elements and clues within a themed room. Participants must communicate and work together to accomplish their mission and escape the room. Escape rooms are not only fun, but a great tool for team building. Escape Helena is at 735 N Last Chance Gulch, inside the Bagel Company. The phone number is 422-0321, www.EscapeHelena.com


From Heather - Posting for a friend:

16” Buckskin saddle made by Colorado Saddlery about 10 years ago, but only ridden 4 or 5 times. Retails at $2200 . . . asking $1500. Saddle can be researched at www.coloradosaddlerycompany.net. “The Buckskin” Call Barb, (406) 396-1878.
Saddle for sale
Saddle for sale

Did you know . . . ?

· Like most prey animals, the horse's eyes are set on the sides of its head, allowing it close to a 350° range of monocular vision. Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal, and are lateral-eyed, meaning their eyes are positioned on the sides of their heads. This means horses have a range of vision of about 350°, with approximately 65° of this being binocular vision and the remaining 285° monocular vision.

· Horses have amazing peripheral vision with two blind spots. One blind spot is directly in front of his nose extending around four feet in front of it. The second blind spot is behind the tail. That blind spot extends about ten feet long, beyond the horse's tail.

· Because of the front blind spot, the abilities of jumping horses seem all the more incredible. The horse loses sight of the obstacle when it is a few feet away and has to rely totally on the rider to tell him when to jump. Your horse jumps blind.

· Horses have very good binocular vision with a tendency towards long vision.

· Horses do not focus their eyes the way we do. Have you ever seen a horse raising and lowering its head as it looks at an object? It does that to adjust the focal length, moving until the object comes into focus on its retina. The horse's field of vision does not overlap. The right eye sees what is happening on the right side. The left sees what is happening on the left side. The images do not match up. The field of vision is completely different right and left. The eyes see independently of each other. This is called monovision. This is the reason you train a horse on both sides, they actually see things differently from each direction!

· Even when the horse has focused as best it can, its sight is only three-fifths that of a human. In other words, when looking at an object twenty feet away, the horse sees only as much detail as a person with twenty-twenty vision would if the object were thirty-five feet away.

Helena Trail Riders Board of Directors meeting May 17, 2017

The May 17, 2017 meeting of the Helena Trail Riders board of directors was called to order by President Marcia Gray at 5:33 pm. In attendance were Kim Copeland, Marcia Gray, Carol Ham, Keith Herrin and Shirley Herrin. Non board member Vickie Blixt was in attendance. Bill Gray, Sheri Onstott, Heather Hollandsworth, Kate Hollandsworth and Rory Copeland were absent.

Treasurer report: No report as treasurer was absent.

Correspondence: None

Director’s reports: Social Director Carol Ham reported that diagrams of obstacle courses are on display in the clubhouse for members to review and comment on. She has posted on Face Book that these are available for review. No date set, but would be later in summer.

O Mok See Director Keith Herrin: The interest in forming one O Mok See club by the district is not being pursued. Keith has been to Yakima and Fort Concho to judge military competitions.

Maintenance Director: Marcia reported for Bill that the West Arena cleanup will be Monday, May 22nd at 5:30 pm. The high school rodeo club will be helping with this clean up. We will be needing 6-10 rails and 3 posts. Keith will contact Mark’s Lumber about getting these. Also, the replacement stove needs a new pigtail plug installed and Bill has someone that will be doing that. The back porch deck needs a new center support as the current one is badly rotted. The roof also needs repaired. If anyone knows of someone that could do the repair at a reasonable price, please contact Marcia or Bill.

Trail Ride Director: Kim Copeland reported for Rory that there was one person that rode with them on the Elkhorn ride. She also reported on the Easton clinic. She said it went well, there were 9 participants. They did have to hold the clinic outside the arena as the ground in the arena was very poor. The next trail ride will be June 3rd. This will be the Trout Creek ride. Meet at the trailhead at 10:00 am. If people are interested, a pot luck could be enjoyed after the ride.

Historian report: Curt Syness will be borrowing our scrap book to get pictures for the years 1966-1968 to use at the Helena Sports Hall of Fame awards. This ceremony will be on July 13th. There will be a parade to kick off the event then a banquet at the Great Northern Hotel.

New Business: Next month is our annual ice cream social. This will be on June 21st at 6:00 pm. This event will also include a plaque presentation for Lollie Binko. A motion was made by Shirley Herrin to get a plaque for Lollie for her contribution to our club. Motion seconded by Kim Copeland and approved.

Kim needs the spread sheet that is used to set up volunteers to help man the gates during the fair. Keith or Heather will forward that to her.

Keith discussed the option of dropping our planned O Mok See this year. With the lack of support by members it makes it difficult to put the show on. The club generally losses money on the event even with the donation of time and concession food that the Hollandsworth’s donate. A motion was made by Keith to drop the show. The motion was seconded by Shirley and approved. This decision will be put out to the general membership for input. A response will need to be provided within 10 days so that the O Mok See district can be made aware of this decision.

Vickie Blixt asked if it would be possible for the director meeting notes along with the general meeting notes be posted in the Pony Tales. This may be a way to keep our membership involved and perhaps encourage more attendance at the meetings. It was agreed that this could be done.

Meeting adjourned at 6:40.

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