Meeting July 20th, 2011   Board Meets: 6:30 p.m.   
General Meeting: 7:30 p.m.



Hello! everyone, Hope all are having a wonderful start to our summer, Its been worm enough in my opion all ready. Just a reminder I'll be turning in the application for HTR to participate in the Parade. Please arrive early between 1100 -1130 and be dressed in white shifts with red handkerchief and blue jeans. Don't forget to dress up horses! Please let Heather 461-9339 or I (sheri) 431-1014 know if you plan on attending. Parking of the horse trailers be determined.

We have our Ice cream social coming up on July 2th at 7:30Pm. You may bring in home made ice cream if you wish, which im sure everyone will love. And Last don't forget to sign up to work the Gates at the fairgrounds, We need all the help we can get to finalize the schedule.

Sheri Onstott, President


Hello all members I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather we are getting and have had an opportunity to ride; we have just come back from a wonderful vacation with our horses family and the wonderful Montana wilderness. I could not have asked for a better vacation even our son from Bozeman got to come for a couple days.

Just a heads up we are getting ever closer to the Stampede gate work and still have lots of spaces open. Please eve if you can only work one shift it all helps, I have to work that week but will fill in after my work day but the early shifts we need to fill. If you have any questions please let me know by phone or email; I have attached the most current calendars. I will have your schedule line up for you at the ice cream social.

Thank you every one; see you at the ice cream social. :0)

Chris Warren, Vice-President


No Report - will be submitted later.

Kate Hollandsworth, Secretary


This weekend, July 15th through the 17th is our overnight campout near Nelson (Beaver Creek). If you are going to attend please contact Eileen Taylor at 461- 0821 or email to

Eileen Taylor, Trail Ride Director


Nothing to report – too busy riding… I was in Yellowstone for the club’s Vigilante Ride on June 26th but I heard the group saw three wolves. The pictures of the ride are posted on the website.

Cheryl Schmidt, Historian


Last month’s program was presented by Sonny Stiger, who gave a slide presentation and talk about how the Mountain Pine Beetle is currently affecting the forests.

Sonny advised club members that the current situation in the forest presents the following dangers:

• Increased spotting danger
• Increased spotting distance due to convection
• More receptive fuel beds
• Volatile fuel type
• Rapid Burn

Sonny stressed how quickly fires move through the Beetle kill forests. Sonny used the 2010 Davis Fire to demonstrate this by presenting slides and advising the members one of the statistics of that fire was that 3 acres burned in 2 minutes.

Another example used was the 2009 MacDonald Pass Fire. This fire was used to demonstrate the increased risk for spot fires started through convection. Convection columns carry burning embers to another part of the forest and start additional fires.

In other words, fires in this situation move very quickly! To further emphasize this, Sonny shared the story of a young woman whose family delayed their evacuation. She survived the fire, but was severely burned. Other members of her family did not live through the fire. If there is a fire near you, don’t wait for the Sheriff to issue evacuation orders. Get out while you can.

The increased fire danger is not the only hazard that we need to watch for. The ponderosa affected by the Mountain Pine Beetle are structurally unsound. These trees are falling or leaning and present a hazard to those of us riding. Sonny concluded by telling members that we will be dealing with the aftermath of the Mountain Pine Beetle for decades.

Heather Hollandsworth, Programs


The following have been completed or are a work in progress:

--Mowing and trimming at the Clubhouse continues. However, with the onset of hot summer weather the need for mowing and trimming is now only about every two weeks.
--The hole in the floor near the back door (the new crawl space access) has been repaired. I was even able to find floor tile which allowed a reasonable match with our existing flooring. Hopefully, it is good enough that most folks won’t notice the change. While I was working on the floor, Jan cleaned up the kitchen and bathrooms and swamped out the freezer.
--Rules for using the Clubhouse were finally laminated and are now posted on the kitchen door at eye level.
--A few rails have been knocked down at the West Arena. These have been repaired or replaced as appropriate.
--Outside trim for our three new east-side windows should be installed by fair time, if not in time for the ice cream social.
--An extension has been place on the rod controlling the furnace damper (in the furnace room). You no longer need to be 6ft-6in. tall in order to operate the damper.
--The Clubhouse door was left unlocked on Sunday, July 12th. Please tug on the lock to be sure it is indeed latched when you leave. (One needs to “shove it together firmly” in order for it to latch.)


The Bison Mountain Loop Trail Project was rescheduled from June 25 & 26 to August 13 & 14 because of heavy snowpack and subsequent runoff in June. Those interested can still sign up at the Continental Divide Trails Alliance website:

Similarly, one can also sign up for the Flesher Pass project scheduled for September 9, 10 & 11. It is my understanding Last Chance Backcountry Horsemen will be providing pack stock for the Flesher Pass project (this is a pack-in project).

Gary Bye and Bob Braico attended two meetings in June and one on July 14th regarding the Montana High Divide Trails (MHDT) proposal to develop a citizen’s alternative for use of roads and trails within the Lincoln Ranger District. The final document is close to completion and will be presented to Amber Kamps, Lincoln District Ranger and Kevin Riodan, Helena National Forest Supervisor, on July 28th. Our proposal provides for a range of motorized and non-motorized uses and emphases long-term conservation of fish, wildlife, natural, historic and cultural resources along the Continental Divide and headwaters of the Blackfoot River.

Bob Braico, Building Maintenance

Bits and Pieces Our WEBSITE has been updated. A big thanks to Cheryl Bryant!

For information or to submit pictures or comments, please contact Cheryl Bryant – Please submit pictures ONE AT A TIME.

If you have anything you would like to post in the Pony Tales, please contact Cheryl Schmidt at 458-3913 or email your request to Please have this information to me before the 10th of the month.

Upcoming Events/Activities:

July 15th through 17th: Overnight camping with the club near Nelson (Beaver Creek). Please contact Eileen Taylor if you are coming at 461-0821. We will do a short ride Friday night, breakfast at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday and an all day ride and a sunrise ride on Sunday morning. Driving directions: go to York and turn left just before the bar. Go about 8 miles toward the town of Nelson. Just before you reach Nelson the horse camp at Beaver Creek will be on your left. If you see the sign that says “Cribbage Capital” you have arrived!

July 17th: Sonny Stiger and the Outriders Band will be hosting Paul Alan Coons introducing his latest CD on Sunday evening, July 17th at the Vineyard Fellowship Hall at 4950 Arrowhead Drive.

The fun starts at 6:00 so come prepared to have a good time. The Fellowship Hall is close to the Masonic Home about a 1/4 mile South on a good gravel road. For more details, call Sonny at 442-1361.

Paul is a recording artist with Universal Records in Nashville and has worked locally with Sonny’s band for several years now. So dust off your favorite cowboy hat and boots and join us for a fun night of friends and country music.

July 27th: Stampede Parade. Meeting place for parking trailers to be determined by our President, Sheri Onstott. The parade starts at 1:00 p.m. but we will meet at 11:30 to saddle up and get ready. Please wear blue jeans, a white shirt and red scarf. We are still looking for someone to pick up after our horses during the parade. If we cannot find someone to help, we cannot be in the parade.

July 27th through 31st : Helena Stampede Fair and Rodeo. Please contact our Vice President, Chris Warren, at 461-6257 or email her at to sign up to work the gate. I will attach her latest schedule. She will have the schedule at the Ice Cream Social July 20th if you need to change anything or volunteer to work the gates.

Long-time member passed away: Harold Adams passed this last week. Roberta Lawson sent the family a sympathy card and will be bringing the newspaper article to the Ice Cream Social if you would like to read it. For those of us who knew Harold, he was a unique person and will be missed.

Equine Herpes Status: Good News: the USDA has declared the EHV-1 (herpes virus) outbreak contained. The ONE positive case in Montana has now tested negative and never did break with the disease. Montana has essentially stayed negative throughout the outbreak. This disease will certainly always be of concern and is not eradicated from the horse population, but the scare of an outbreak in Montana is over. Veterinary officials will keep a close eye on this and other diseases so we might be as successful in the future. As always, when we gather our horses for competition or events, it is important to bring only healthy animals and to isolate any animal that shows symptoms of any illness. In other words, breath a little easier but always be vigilant. Ed Jorden, DVM

Horse pasture, Helena Valley, but close to town. Water, shelter, corrals, arena and round pen. Good grass. $150.00 per month per horse. Contact Stiger's at 442-1361 or 431-2798.

“Living without kindness is like driving a car without oil”
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