Meeting July 21, 2010
     Board Meets: 6:30 p.m.        General Meeting: 7:30 p.m.



No Report. Scott Stoner, President


No Report. Chris Warren, Secretary/Treasurer

Building and Maintenance

Working Hard! Bob Braico, Maintenance

Trail Rides

The next trail ride will be on July 17th with Sonny in the Beartooth. I e-mailed him and asked him to send you directions for the newsletter. Then we also have the TMD/trailrider ride up Cherry and Granite creek scheduled for August 21st.

Well it looks like everyone is finally ready to ride. People are offering to lead rides and thats great. The ride on July 3rd at Mcmasters south went pretty well. We started with 16 riders and came back with all but 2. They had some problems at the start and decided not to push their luck. A good example of how not to get hurt. We had a nice ride down to the lake, a short lunch break then a short cross country detour just to see how well everyone's horses would handle it. A little water, some climbing and a few logs which Carissa did not appreciate because Roxy jumped over them. Don't miss the ride on the 10th to Heart Lake. Its a really nice ride. but don't forget to be ready to help with the o-mok-see the next day. Sonny and Bev's ride on the 17th in the Beartooth will also be a good one don't miss it. Happy Trails Kurt

Kurt Burnham, Trail Ride Director

Directions to the Beartooth trail ride, July 17 and 18.
Get off I-15 at Wolf Creek, turn right, then left at the frontage road and go to the Missouri Rv. bridge. Cross the bridge and turn right onto the Beartooth Road. Continue on the Beartooth Road past the Log Gulch Campground and past Departure Point. Continue on the Beartooth Road to the Fish and Game campsite at Cottonwood Creek. There is a small game check cabin at that location.

The ranch horse competition day this year was a bust. Just too many other things going on, or perhaps just lack of interest. We had four people show up, only one of whom brought a horse. So we played around with the equipment some, using our three horses in addition to hers, no competition of course. We were disappointed since it's a lot of work getting the arena ready and the equipment set up -- weather was so off-and-on rain that Sonny tilled the arena three times and I had to pick rock each time! I fully understand why the Fairgrounds charges so much to till the West Arena when we ask them to! Fortunately, we were able to return the prizes that we had purchased at Murdock's. We drank ice tea and ate donuts one of the members had brought, did some visiting. Some of the people tried their hand at roping the steer head from the ground, Sonny instructing. Weather was really nice.

Bev Stiger


Please email me at least three recipes (or more) that are your favorites, your mother’s favorites or whomever’s favorites (men, you are not excluded from this!). Please give a little history on the recipe if you can. I would like to have a section of old time recipes, their history, etc. I would prefer the recipes be in a Word file but if you don’t have access to it you can also submit recipes by mail. If you have any questions please call me at 458-3913 or email at Mailing address: Cheryl Schmidt, 7092 Applegate Drive, Helena, MT 59602

Also – if you lead a trail ride, please send me a small write up on how the ride went, how many people attended and mail any pictures you may have taken to me for this year’s scrapbook/photo album. Please give the name of the ride, date and write on the back of the photos the names of the people in the photos. Thank you!

Cheryl Schmidt, Historian

Social Director

Rita sent a sympathy card to the family of Dr. Bud Little, who passed June 22nd. He was a long-time member of the club and was living at the Waterford.

Also of note, another long-time member, Keith Herrin, recently had a fall and was in the Cooney Rest Home. I don’t know if he’s still there but I’m sure he’d love a visit or card.

Rita McNees, Social Director

Remember to return your post cards to Vice President, Sheri Onstott to work the Last Chance Stampede gates. Or call her at 431-1014.

Bits and Pieces

Helena Trail Rider’s Website:

For information or to submit pictures or comments, please contact Cheryl Bryant – Please submit pictures ONE AT A TIME.

If you have anything you would like to post in the Pony Tales, please contact Cheryl Schmidt at 458-3913 or email your request to Please have this information to me before the 10th of the month.

If you would like something posted in the Pony Tales, or forwarded to an all HTR email, please give all information, including event times, contact information, etc. I can only forward what you give me, and cannot always answer the questions of people emailing me back. Thanks!

Remember: West Arena Schedule is (exclusive use) every Tuesday and Thursday and the first Friday of the month.

Upcoming Events/Activities:

Last Chance Stampede Parade, July 31. I wanted to send out an invite to all the members to ride in the parade on July 31st at noon, Pete said he would do the poop scooping for us so don't need to ask for anyone to volunteer on that. People who would like to ride will need to be ready by 11 to line up per the sign up sheet, anyone who wants to ride please email me at my home email and then we can look at the HTR stuff at the ice cream social to see what we can use to be uniform. Chris Warren, HTR Secretary

Wild West Fest – August 13, 14, 15. Will attach the schedule in Adobe file.

Looking for older, well broke horse: Bev and Sonny Stiger have a friend in Wolf Creek who is looking for an old, dead-broke horse, maybe one that needs a good home and easy retirement, at least 15-20 years old. She wants the horse to set her grandkids on and walk around, and one she can crawl on herself and take an easy walk-about ride. This woman is reliable, would feed the horse well and take care of it. Her husband works for NW Energy at Holter Dam, and there is pasture there she has access to. She's had horses in the past, knows pretty much what she's doing, but she wants a horse she doesn't have to train on or work with, just an easy old dog she doesn't have to worry about. Contact Sonny or Bev at 442-1361 if you have such a beast, and we'll put you in touch with this lady.

URGENT NOTICE: Recently Pete and Chris Warren had two saddles stolen from their tack room (June 2). One is a 14 ½ inch dark brown tooled barrel saddle and the other is a 15 inch medium brown tooled trail saddle. Both saddles have much sentimental value and ANY help in finding them and returning them to the Warren’s would be much appreciated. If you have any information please contact Chris at 461-6257. There is a 100.00 dollar reward for their return.

“The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.”
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