New Years Baby

          January Meeting January 15th, 2014

      Board Meets: 5:30 p.m. General Meeting: 6:15 p.m.

Message from our President: Heather Hollandsworth
Well folks, 2013 has come to an end and we are at the beginning of 2014…which doesn’t seem possible.

In a short recap of our year we began having general meetings on odd numbered months with activities in even numbered months. We had some wonderful programs including a presentation about Fanny Sperry Steele and a couple of livestock inspectors coming to talk to us about brands and inspections. We started serving dinners at our general meetings with the first being in May. Besides these changes our club was quite busy this year with hosting an open house during the equine expo, our annual ice cream social, our HTR point show O-Mok-See, working the gates at the Stampede Fair and Rodeo, celebrating the 75th Anniversary of our club, bidding at our participation bucks auction, poker game, and the newly formed youth committee.

I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to you all for everything that you did with and for the club. I had a lot of fun and learned quite a little bit in the process.

The annual Christmas Party went very well. Everyone in attendance left full of turkey, ham, potatoes, homemade dinner rolls, as well as a multitude of side dishes and desserts provided by club members. After dinner we drew the winning raffle ticket for the Christmas Dinner Basket put together by Cynthia Warner and Vick Blixt. They did a wonderful job and that basket was overflowing with goodies. Kate Hollandsworth was the lucky winner this year. Santa was not able to come and stay long enough to even take pictures with this year, but he did drop off presents for our younger members. The adults enjoyed a gift exchange set to the story of T’was the Night Right before Christmas. Since we started our party early this year everyone was able to get home before dark!

Our elections will be held at our January 15th meeting. We will be serving lasagna at the meeting. Please come, vote, and have dinner with fellow members. Heather

Upcoming Events: Candy has multiple dates & times reserved for riding at the multipurpose building at the fairgrounds this winter so everyone can have an opportunity to keep riding this winter.

She is also putting together an introduction to team penning clinic. She still hasn’t heard from Joe on a date for this yet. As soon as she does, she will notify everyone. Right now there are 12 riders who have confirmed they will ride. We will only take 21 total, which will be 7 teams of 3. I am estimating between $35 and $50 per person to cover cattle and building rental costs.

Dates reserved for the fairgrounds are: Sunday January 12th Sunday January 19th Saturday January 25th Sunday February 2nd Sunday February 9th Sunday February 16th Saturday February 22nd Saturday March 9th If you would like to ride with them for any of the sessions, please contact Candy at or 442-2890.

This Month’s Program: Annual elections & a delicious Lasagna dinner Special Needs: Secretary or Treasurer
Hey there fellow Trail Riders… Is anybody interested in filling in for either the secretary or the treasurer position? My mother has held both positions the last year and having to do both is a bit stressful. She is willing to continue to do one of them for the 2014 Board, but would really really really appreciate someone else taking over the other. If you are interested please email or call. Heather Hollandsworth 406-461-9339 406-492-7066

Fun Facts: Who doesn't think riding is a workout?

Calories Burned When Riding
Saddling, grooming and general riding for one hour= 238 calories. Riding at the walk for one hour=175 calories. Riding at the trot for one hour=450 calories. Galloping for one hour=550 calories (and an exhausted, lame horse).

RIDING TIPS 6 Quick Tips for Riding at Night
red horseshoe
1) Give Time for your Horse’s vision to adjust.
red horseshoe
2) Mark Your Path
red horseshoe
3) Bring a Cell Phone
red horseshoe
4) Bring a Buddy
red horseshoe
5) Stick with the Familiar Paths, Trails or Fields
red horseshoe
6) Trust Your Horse's Night Vision

NEW From the Members: Please send information, tips, stories, or jokes that you would be willing to share in the Pony Tales to Angie Johnson at: or call 439-6072.

Life's Experiences A number of people told me last month they liked my Ralph the Rat story, so maybe they’d like to hear about the Bat. Just a few years after we moved into our first house in Wolf Creek, we were watching TV one evening when something flitted across the living room and attached itself to the rough-cut beam overhead. Insect? Naw, too big, and too furry. Upon closer examination, it turned out to be a little brown bat. How did he get in? Stiger accused me of leaving the door open. “Not I, Sir, musta been you.” So we argued about that for awhile and then figured we’d open the door and either this bat would fly out, or all his friends would fly in. He stayed glued to the beam, and finally Stiger managed to dislodge him with the broom and he flew around for awhile and then disappeared.

This little scenario repeated itself every evening or so until word was starting to get around. Wolf Creek is a small town and everybody knows everything. My best friend told me she didn’t want to come to my house no more since I had bats in my belfry. She had decided it was time for me to get all new friends.

Since the bat was a regular visitor now, I named him Radar and started worrying about what Radar was going to eat since I had successfully eliminated most spiders and bugs from the far corners of the rooms. You may have noticed, anything that sticks around my house very long and wants to be a pet, gets a name.

Old Stiger to the rescue. He managed to dislodge Radar one evening and get him all stirred up. The poor thing flew into the ceiling fan and cold-cocked himself. He was laying belly-up on the carpet under the fan, and the cat was contemplating this mousey-looking morsel. So I scooped Radar up with the pancake turner – I always have the right tool for the job, and I don’t have to make a flying trip to the hardware store before I can begin a project – unlike some members of this household. I placed Radar reverently on the porch railing where I figured he’d either come “to” and flit away, or Whoo, the resident hootey owl would help hasten his demise that began with the ceiling fan.

Stiger was determined to find out where the bats were getting in, so a couple days later, he started crawling around on ladders looking for holes. Extricating bats and plugging bat holes falls under the category of Man Stuff. Sure enough, where the ceiling beam protruded to the outside, just under the roof, was a teeny-tiny crack where the beam had shrunk away from the eaves, and Radar evidently crawled in there and along the beam to where he could comfortably warm up and watch TV.

Batman caulked everything ziplock tight, only Radar was a determined little bugger, he had made his unbeknownst reappearance, and the Batman caulked him in instead of out. Radar wanted to be our pet really bad, and every night he would flit by and make a few passes around the living room. We never knew where he went during the day.

One night I poked Stiger awake because something was banging around under the lampshade. It turned out to be Radar and the Old Cowboy was gonna get him this time. Now somebody in his long-distant past, maybe his Mother, or somebody else equally important in influencing his childhood and marking him for life, told him bats fly into your hair and stick there. (Did he have enough hair to worry about that?? – but this was not the right time to bring that up – timing is everything.)

Just to be sure, he grabbed his sweatshirt with the hood. Then he gets his long-handled fish net from the basement to catch Radar. I asked him what he intended to do after he caught him, and as we’ve discussed before, Stiger don’t do much pre-planning……… So next he puts on his boots because he’s decided to repatriate Radar to the barn, and he can’t go down there barefoot.

I wish I’d had a video camera as this made quite a picture, Old Batman running around in his underwear and his sweatshirt with the hood up and his boots on, swinging his fish net. I thought about calling Old Neighbor Milliron for as-sistance, but it was after midnight, and I figured Al would either faint at the sight, or he’d call 911 for the Funny Farm folks to come and get Stiger.

The Old Boy did indeed manage to get Radar caught tin the fish net webbing, and he transported him to the barn and laid him out on a hay bale, fish net and all. I never knew if Radar was able to Houdini himself out of the fish net, or if the cat ate him after all, but he never came back. I kind of missed his nightly visits.

Incidentally, it took my best friend about two years before she’d come for coffee again, cautious little woman that she is (kinda paranoid, actually), and all the time we lived there, she’d come by and her eyes would never leave the ceiling. It was weird. Bev
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