diamonds Meeting August 17th, 2011 Board Meets: 6:30 p.m. General Meeting: 7:30 p.m.

Hunter Burnham will be giving the presentation this month. She will be talking about her trip to the Youth Worlds Horse Show in Oklahoma City.

No Report Sheri Onstott, President

No Report Chris Warren, Vice-President

(Please note these are the secretary’s minutes from the June meeting and were not available for the July newsletter)

The June meeting of the Helena Trail Riders was called to order at 7:35pm by President Sheri Onstott.

Guests were introduced. Elden Wilson has joined again.

Minutes were read by members and approved as written by general vote of “yea”. Motion to approve made by Bob and 2nd by Gary.

Correspondence: We have a thank you letter from Hunter Burnham for donating $100 for her trip to Oklahoma. We also have some information about the Big Sky Games in Billings 7/15 thru the 17. Pamphlet is on the table.

Directors’ Reports

Eileen-Trail Director: She has a sign-up sheet for the over-night campout to Nelson. July 15 -17. There will be a pancake breakfast Saturday– there will be a Porta-Potty. $10 fee for the ride. Please fill it out for any of time that you will be there. Signs are printed out for directions. This Saturday – the Minnehaha is cancelled due to the high creek. It has been changed to the Hilger ranch. Peggy or Cathy will lead the ride. Eileen will post a board on the back of the trailer about the release liability and HTR rules. Any member of the club should sign the release of liability each time it changes.

Cheryl-Historian: Has nothing to report. Has volunteer sheets for Eagle Mt. on the table. There is a poker ride in Three Forks – she will get more information about the event.

Heather- Program Director: Sonny Stiger is doing the program tonight about the fires and the beetle killed trees. Next month is the ice-cream social. Don’t forget to draw your poker card tonight before you leave. She gave a report about the Historical Fair at the walking mall. Sonny serenaded those working the Trail Rider booth. Mary and Jack brought us gluten-free lunch. Bob helped out in the afternoon and helped load the cedar buck board wagon up at the end of day. The lady who won the wagon – Cookie Butts gave it to someone else - Peggy Rossberg.

Roberta-Social Director: She wanted to thank Jan and Mary who went thru the dishes – cracked, broken, and chipped. All those dishes are gone - Bob and Jan took the dishes to the dumpster. All members can take what they want of the water glasses and tea cups which will be put out front. Then what isn’t taken will go onto Goodwill.

Roberta said she needs volunteers for scooping at the ice cream social at 7pm next meeting July 20th. She will get the toppings and vanilla ice cream. Others can make ice cream if they like.

Bob Braico – Maintenance Director: Has some reports for Hi-Divide Trails. All the information was in the Pony Tales. New windows are in, but they need to be trimmed out. Bob and Jack put them in. Reported that the electric bill went down considerably last month.

Sandi Merchen – Is absent but it was noted that the only day open for the HTR point show will be 8/14/11 if we do it. Our last one was cancelled due to bad weather and flooding. Keith Herrin will not be available. Do we do concessions for the also?

Chris – Vice President: Is not here tonight. But a reminder to sign up for east and west gates for the fair. We need to sign up by the ice cream social for our dates. Chris will mail out cards for gate work.

Old Business

Bob reported a bit on the Continental Trail again.

New Business

The Stampede Parade is Wednesday July 27th at 1pm. Deadline for entries is 7/15/11. Sheri Onstott will head up the committee. She will pass out a sign-up sheet. She will get the application submitted. Dress is jeans, white shirts, a hat, red scarf and decorate your horses if you like. We need a pooper scooper again and there was some concern about where we park. Starts at Front Street Learning Center. She will find out where we park our trailers.

June 25th and 26th - Ten Mile Drivers have a drive at the Boulder Sky Top Camp Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Dinner Friday, Saturday. Breakfast Saturday and Sunday. Ride or drive your own horses or ride with others. Kurt has forms for sign up if you want to come. $25 for the whole shebang.


Kurt Burnham – gave a report on Mule Days in Hamilton, Mt. He said the weather turned out good with very little mud. He also reports they (Kurt, Hunter, and Karissa) cleaned up on prizes.

Don’t forget tonight’s poker game.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:08pm. Motioned by Bob and 2nd by Gary.

Kate Hollandsworth, Secretary


The ride for August 6th at Bernice Cottonwood Lake is canceled - due to Keith Herrin's funeral. Most of the trail riders knew him and will be attending the funeral and hosting the luncheon following the services.

Next scheduled ride is Friday August 12th at 6:30pm. I will be out of town and need someone to step up and lead this ride! Pease let me know if you are interested. 406-461-0821.

Travis Creek - Evening Ride 6:30pm Head I-15 S toward BUTTE. 10.0 mi, take EXIT 182 toward CLANCY. Turn RIGHT onto LEGAL TENDER LN. (If you reach I-15 S you've gone about 0.2 miles too far) Turn RIGHT onto CUTOFF RD. Turn LEFT onto LUMP GULCH RD. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto TRAVIS CREEK RD. RIGHT to stay on TRAVIS CREEK RD.

Eileen Taylor, Trail Ride Director


Nothing to report – too busy riding… I will be working on the photo album in the fall.

Cheryl Schmidt, Historian


The July ice cream social was a roaring success. We had approximately 50 or more people there and ate almost 4 gallons of ice cream! The berries were a hit along with the homemade ice cream. Thanks to Bev Stiger and Heather Hollandsworth, who each made their own brand of ice cream. I had many helpers and thanks to all of you. Looking forward to next year.

I have sent several sympathy cards this month to the families of Mary Little and Harold Adams who both passed this July.

Roberta Lawson, Social Director


West Arena and Announcer’s Stand. Temporary (until next spring) repairs were made to one post that someone apparently tried to tie their horse to and 3-4 rails were re-set. My guess is several posts and rails will need to be replaced next spring just to stay even. Overall the West Arena is showing its age. In addition, paint on the west side of the Announcer’s Stand is peeling badly and something will certainly need to be done by spring.

The general appearance of the facility could be enhanced on a temporary basis if all of the grass and weeds were cut around the West Arena. If, say 6 people were willing to come down on a Saturday morning (with weed eaters and supplies) we could accomplish this improvement in a couple of hours. I’ll ask for a show of hands at the August meeting.

Last, approximately 12 steel fence posts were removed from around the trees and bleachers because they are no longer serving any useful function and make the mowing and trimming more difficult. They are stored in the lower level of the Announcer’s Stand.

Clubhouse. The following have been accomplished:
--Mowing and trimming continues albeit at a more relaxed pace.
--A new 10BC rated (household size) fire extinguisher has been purchased and installed between the two electric stoves. The new unit will not need to be serviced until 2021. This unit replaces the out of date and much too heavy (for most people) fire extinguisher near the rest rooms plus the smaller but damaged and out of date fire extinguisher near the counter. Given the very limited amount of actual cooking occurring in the kitchen these days, this seemed like the most cost effective solution.
--The information list for users of the Clubhouse was laminated and is now posted on the door between the kitchen and meeting room. This list was approved by the Board last spring to make sure users of the Clubhouse do not encounter or create any unnecessary problems. Persons or groups seeking to use the Clubhouse need to review and sign-off on this list prior to use.
--The crack in the kitchen bench has been repaired. Hopefully, it no longer “bites” when one sits on it!
--The log parking barriers on the east side of the building have been re-set to protect the building siding and maintain the narrow lawn area. These former utility poles were moved when our building water service had to be replaced last May.


On July 18, 2011, the High Divide Working Group met with Amber Kamps, Lincoln District Ranger and Kevin Riordan, Helena National Forest Supervisor. Purpose of the meeting was to present the working group’s citizen proposal for designation and use of roads and recreational trails in the Lincoln Ranger District. Both HNF representatives were very complimentary regarding the balanced nature and format of the proposal. Special thanks are due to retired HNF employees Dennis Milburn (also with Last Chance Back Country Horsemen) and Rod Bullis for their site specific knowledge of the District and their special knowledge of how to present the information in the Forest Service’s preferred format. Special thanks is also due to Gayle Joslin, retired Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologist for her specific knowledge of important wildlife travel corridors in the district and to John Gatchell (Montana Wilderness Association) for his clear and succinct presentation of the proposal at the meeting. HTR’s copy of the proposal with supporting maps will be available for review at the August meeting.

Bob Braico, Building Maintenance

Bits and Pieces Our WEBSITE has been updated. A big thanks to Cheryl Bryant! For information or to submit pictures or comments, please contact Cheryl Bryant – Please submit pictures ONE AT A TIME.

If you have anything you would like to post in the Pony Tales, please contact Cheryl Schmidt at 458-3913 or email your request to Please have this information to me before the 10th of the month.

Upcoming Events/Activities:

August 12th: Trail Ride Travis Creek. Contact the trail ride director or see directions in this newsletter.

August 14th: Helena Trail Riders O-Mok-See at the West Area at the L&C Fairgrounds. For information please call O-Mok-See Director, Sandra Merchen at 458-9710.

August 13 – 14th: Wild West Fest in East Helena at the Kleffner Ranch. Saturday night is the Frontier Ball at 7:30. The cost is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for youth. You are encouraged to wear period clothing and rental clothing is available in the vendor area during the day at the Fest.

Horse pasture, Helena Valley, but close to town. Water, shelter, corrals, arena and round pen. Good grass. $150.00 per month per horse. Contact Stiger's at 442-1361 or 431-2798.

Another long-time member passed.

August 1st, Keith Herrin, a life-time member passed in the early morning hours. Keith was a long-time member of the Helena Trail Riders in addition to founding the O-Mok-See part of our club. His accomplishments are too numerous to mention here and there is a wonderful write up in the newspaper which I will put in the Scrapbook/Photo Album later this fall. His funeral services will be held at the Mt. Helena Community Church (Gateway Center) at 11:00 a.m. this Saturday, August 6th. The Gateway Center is located at 1710 National Ave.

There will be a potluck luncheon afterward and for members who would like to bring food please contact Shirley Herrin at 442-8858.

“There’s no kindness more appreciated than just being there when needed.”

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