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          Activity meeting April 19, 2014

      Board Meets:

Message from our President Heather Hollandsworth

Well folks, I believe that Spring has arrived… My horses are shedding and I have lakes of water standing around my pastures where my mountains of snow are slowly disappearing. And if that isn’t enough to convince me, there are baby chicks at Murdoch’s!! If you were not at the March meeting you missed a very informative program given by Dr. Mandy McGowan. She explained to us about which vaccines are core and which are elective vaccines. She explained the best times to give vaccinations. Thanks to Candy and Bud, who were kind enough to bring a couple of horses for the demonstration, Dr. McGowan also showed us the areas on the horse where vaccines can be given. We learned about the average heart rate for a horse, where to palpate for a pulse, what is considered a normal temperature, how many gut sounds are considered normal and normal amount of respirations.
Dr Mandy McGowan

I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who came down to the clubhouse on March 29th and 30th. The Helena High Schools Rodeo Team once again used the building as their headquarters. We got the request fairly last minute and by the time I left on Saturday morning all of the slots had been filled. Thanks for supporting the next generation of cowboys and cowgirls.

For our April activity, Sheri suggested an Easter egg hunt…which sounded like fun to me. So that is what we are going to do!!! On April 19th at 4pm we are going to meet up at the clubhouse. Once the egg hunt is over, we are going to have a have a pot luck dinner. Please let us know if you are bringing a child (no age limit) so that we have enough eggs for everyone.

I sent out an email from Vickie regarding our upcoming play day. It is very hard for the director/person in charge to be able to participate in these events if there are not a lot of people to help with running the show. So if you are there riding and have a spare moment or if you are not riding and have the time to go volunteer even an hour, please help with arena work or up in the announcer stand. This way everyone get a chance to participate.

I hope to see you all on the 19th! Heather Hollandsworth

From the Directors

Historian- Marcia Gray

Sadly, my dad passed away late March. I will have to stay for a while longer to take care of his place and lots of loose ends. My dad was referred to as a maverick in aviation and dubbed an original jetstream cowboy. He rode horses in far away places as well as in Montana and Tennessee when he wasn't flying.

O-Mok-See – Vicki Blixt

I'm getting excited, our first O Mok See of the season is fast approaching! This will be a fun day so it will kind of be a warm up for the upcoming "points" shows. It will be a good time to brush of the horse and those dusty boots and have some fun. The fun day is on May 18th and we will start riding at 10:00. This is held at the West Arena at the fairgrounds. We will be running a few games that are being done at National's and at State, but we are also doing a couple of strictly fun games. The candy bar race and the egg and spoon race. I can't wait to watch the egg & spoon race! We will be setting up the arena at 9:00, so if you can come on down. It's always a lot of work to put one of these shows on, so the more help the easier it will be. See you there! Vickie Blixt O Mok See Director

Trail Ride Director - Chris Warren

Hello fellow riders, spring is trying to come but apparently old man winter is not quite ready to give in just yet. Getting a calendar to get started on rides for the year but wanting to know if anyone has any preferences to early horse workouts. Let me know if something comes to mind. I have drug my young man out a couple times and have the farrier coming to trim some and shoe at least one so I will be all ready for some trail adventures. Happy day all and hope to see all of you very soon. Chris Warren Trail Boss

Fun Facts:
Picture submitted by Heather Hollandsworth

DID YOU KNOW? A horse trailer or 'horse box' was invented in England in 1836 by Lord George Bentinck. Pulled by six horses it was invented to get his race horses from one track to the next

DID YOU KNOW? A horse can poop up to 14 times a day.

DID YOU KNOW? Some people say that horses have 5 hearts because blood is pumped back up to the heart as the feet expand and contract with each step. When the foot is set down on the ground, it expands and fills with blood. When the foot is picked up, it contracts and the blood is sent back up the hoof to the heart. One litre of blood is pumped through the body every 20 strides.

Upcoming Events:

April 19th HTR Easter egg hunt & Potluck
May 16-18 Equine Expo
May 17th Frontier Ball
June 18-22 Adult working Ranch Camp with Candy
June 9-13 Kids Camp with Candy
July 14-18 Kids Camp with Candy
July 21-25 Kids Camp with Candy
Aug. 4-8 Kids Camp with Candy
District II 2014 O-mok-See Schedule
May 17th Helena Valley Blues - Open All Breed Horse show.
Email stole_em2000@yahoo.com for show schedule.
May 23 Helena Valley Blues, Family Fun Night -Raven Road off of Birdseye. ~Entry fee $5 per person ~ Run at 6:30 ~ Dinner served
June 1st Western Patriots Fun Day, Townsend Fairgrounds
June 8th Whitehall Saddle Club -Point Show, Whitehall Fairgrounds
June 13th Helena Valley Blues- Family Fun Night, Birdseye Arena
June 14th Helena Valley Blues Open O-mok-see, Townsend Fairgrounds~email stole_em2000@yahoo.com for entry form
June 21st Helena Valley Blues – Fun Day – Birdseye Arena
June 28th Helena Valley Blues – Point Show – Birdseye Arena
July 12th Helena Trail Riders – Fun Day – Helena Fairgrounds West Arena (*subject to change)
July 19th-26th Nationals, Buffalo, WY
July 18th Helena Valley Blues- Family Fun Night, Birdseye Arena
Aug 3rd Western Patriots- Point Show – Townsend Fairgrounds
Aug 8th Helena Valley Blues – Family Fun Night, Birdseye Arena
Aug 9th Helena Trail Riders – Point Show – Helena, Fairgrounds, West Arena
Aug 16th District Finals- Townsend Fairgrounds
Aug 30th & 31st – State Finals –TBA

NEW From the Members:

Please send information, tips, stories, or jokes that you would be willing to share in the Pony Tales to Angie Johnson at: a_johnson@bresnan.net or call 439-6072.

Life's experiences

Winter’s over now, right? Current predicted weather makes me start thinking about a vacation since we survived the worst winter we’ve had in a few years. Then I remember, it isn’t always a good idea to get Old Stiger too far away from his corral. He don’t travel good, and he don’t do cities. I’m reminded of a few years back when I actually got him to California. If some of you have never been to California, you ought to try it once, it’s a trip all right.
Sonny had resumed contact with a long lost friend from Kansas, an old high school buddy he hadn’t seen in years. This old friend still played the banjo and sang, had remarried a time or two, and had moved to Los Angeles, where he was Captain of the El Monte Fire Department. So they still had a lot in common, yes? No, far from it. Eddie had grown up, moved on, changed all his Kansas country-boy ways, evidently leaving old Stiger in the dust. Eddie and his new wife, Lynn, came to Wolf Creek to see us that summer, and we did our best to show them a good time, a little local culture at the Oasis, and expose them to the beauty all around us via horseback up Little Creek, and we gave them a Wilderness Experience horseback up the Dearborn River into the Scapegoat Wilderness.

They enjoyed everything, but the highlight of Lynn’s visit was a “cattle drive” down Highway 434 in front of our house, with Phil Wirth on a motorcycle and Al Milliron on a horse, moseying along behind about 200 head of bellering black cows. Lynn was so excited, she ran out on the hillside and took a couple rolls of pictures; she’d never seen anything like that before. When a couple of old cows would break into a trot, she’d scream something about a stampede and take 30 more pictures. I didn’t have the heart to tell her those old cows knew where they were going, weren’t in any big hurry, and didn’t need Phil or Al, except to open the gate.

The Brown’s enjoyed Wolf Creek, but couldn’t stop talking about showing us all California had to offer. Stiger had a million excuses why we couldn’t possibly go there, ranging from “we can’t afford it – I can’t get away, there might be a fire – my wife has to keep workin’ – I have to clean the corrals – my horse needs ridin’ – I’d never be able to find the place on all those freeways – my wife can’t read a map fast enough to get me in the right lane to turn, etc., etc. (we hadn’t heard of GPS back then!)” So they gave up, or so we thought.

The next summer they showed up in their motorhome to take us back to L.A. with them since we couldn’t manage the trip on our own. Eddie stayed long enough to help Stiger get all his excuse work done, and when he ran out of excuses, I was packed, we loaded him in the motorhome, still sputtering about how he couldn’t possibly do this, and away we went.

California was quite the experience for us old country folks. The first attraction was Yosemite Na-tional Park where the traffic was bumper-to-bumper and Stiger had to stand in line about an hour to get close enough to see some of the spectacular views from the overlooks. He pronounced it worse than Yellowstone in July and we moved on to Sequoia National Park. He enjoyed that, loved the big redwood trees, although he made a few notes to contact somebody since they could use some prescribed under-burning. He was strolling around under the huge trees, thinking it was just like a cathedral, when he approached the parking lot, where, parked next to us was a psychedelic microbus with all four doors open and the rock music blaring so as to burst an eardrum. I had to haul him into the motorhome and have Eddie speed away before the Old Cowboy could yank out the guy’s speakers and explain to him why we didn’t need to be subjected to his taste in music in such a sacred place.

We had stayed so long in the tall timber that we weren’t able to find a “proper” RV Park, and Ed-die pulled into what was available in Oakridge, apologizing for the accommodations. I guess I don’t know “seedy” when I see it, having grown up in Butte, it looked okay to me. Now these people aren’t early risers, their idea of a good day is coffee and conversation about 10:00, breakfast around 11:00, and maybe get on the road about noon. That made me nuts, I would have been outa there about daylight. So, this particular morning, I didn’t want to disturb the sleepers by rattling around in the shower in the motorhome, so I’d go on up to the RV Park bathhouse, shower and fix my hair there.

I stepped into the ladies side, looked around to see baskets for clothing on a shelf along the wall, and three shower stalls with slatted doors to your knees. I wasn’t sure how this worked, I guess you undress, dump your duds in the basket and cross the room in a towel and a smile, leaving the basket on the shelf. I got a basket and was about to start undressing when I noticed in the one oc-cupied shower stall, some hairy-looking legs and big boney feet showing beneath the door. Just then a big ugly face leered over the top and a deep voice said, “C’mon in, Lady, the water’s fine, and we can share of you’d like.” I panicked, thinking somehow I had entered the men’s showers, made a fast retreat for the door. Outside, I checked the door again, and sure enough, it said Women (I can read), and it had the symbol of the little stick person in a skirt, we’ve got these back home, I’m not mistaken.

I’m MAD now, so I waltzed back in, examined the clothes in the basket, and they were indeed men’s attire. I’d fix this Jerk, so I scooped up the basket on my way out and dumped the whole thing in the garbage dumpster on my way down the hill. Don’t mess with me, Boy! Then I sat at the picnic table and waited for my fellow travelers to emerge. I never did see Shower Freak again. He might have had to “streak” through the RV Park to get to his vehicle. Serves him right. Could be the kook from the psychedelic microbus for all I know.

On with the adventure. I never breathed or blinked all the way into L.A. from Bakersfield. Traffic was unreal, twelve lanes, all going 90mph. Glad to be with Eddie in the motorhome, made a mental note here not to ever return here with the Cowboy in a pickup truck. We had two weeks of whirl-wind sight-seeing. We saw folks wandering down Hollywood Boulevard talking to themselves, sport-ing green spiked hair, long black skirts, and hiking boots – those were the men! The women can’t be described in a family publication. One dude spooked out a doorway and propositioned Stiger, said he got turned on by the cowboy hat. I thought the Old Cowboy was gonna deck him right there at Hollywood and Vine. We scurried on to see Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, Sea World, and San Diego Harbor with nearly-nude surfers on the beaches. That’s the only place Stiger wanted to linger.

He kind of wore out his welcome with the Brown’s when they’d be taking us somewhere and they’d peel off the freeway into a new shopping center they’d not been to, and we’d all trek inside the supermarket to oooh and aaah over the great variety of produce or look the bakery over. Stiger was somewhat polite for the first two or three times they did this, after that, he’d stomp around the parking lot talking to the seagulls ‘cause he didn’t want to go in and watch the buns rise or whatev-er Brown’s were excited about. They couldn’t understand why he wasn’t impressed, after all, this was L.A.!! We’d have to hustle so we could get back out and load him up before he got arrested for loitering.

After two weeks, they were glad to bundle us off to the bus station for our trip home, and we’d had more fun than we could stand. So……….I’m not planning any trips to California, but I gotta think of somewhere I can get the Old Boy to go that doesn’t involve camping, packhorses, cooking in the rain, or dragging a horsetrailer. Any ideas?? Bev

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My partner Sarah and I will be having adult working ranch camps at the Whitehall ranch for anyone interested. The first date will be more for beginner to intermediate riders. The dates we have picked are June 18-22. Arrival is on June 18 by Noon and we will finish after an early afternoon barbeque on Sunday. I'm just waiting for the September dates.

My kids camps are here in Helena, 1/2 day from 1 to 5 p.m. June 9-13; July 14-18; July 21-25, Aug. 4-8. These camps are for beginner to intermediate riders. I will be having an advaced youth rider ranch camp at Whitehall for 3-1/2 days probably Aug. 14-17. Also, my lessons for youth and adult are being held Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 4 to 8 p.m. Thanks, Candy Score

Just a short note about the 2014 Equine Expo that will be held at the fairgrounds May 16,17, & 18. There will be demonstrations, lectures, vendors of all kinds, food, a Parade of Breeds. Also, if you have a TN Walker, Rocky MT Walker, or any other breed other than Quarter Horse, I would like to see them complete a form for the Parade. Its on May 17th at 11:00 a.m. I'm limiting each breed to a maximum of 4 horses. The form to enter is at http://www.lewisandclarkcountyfairgrounds.com/equine-expo/ There is no fee and there will be a People's Choice vote and award. Also we once again have the Montana Supreme Cowboy Challenge. That entry form is at http://www.lewisandclarkcountyfairgrounds.com/equine-expo/ also. Glenda Valvoda

Come One - Come All - To THE FRONTIER BALL
(An Evening of Old-Fashioned Community Dance)

Old fashioned dressed dancers

Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of “Helena- The Town that Gold Built”

Helena 150 Years


TICKETS $10 – ORDER ONLINE AT www.montanalivinghistory.org OR CALL (406) 458-3700

“1860s Attire is Encouraged but Not Required” Hosted by The Montana Living History Program

Submitted by Melony Bruhn

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