Vigilante Camp Ride 6/26/2011
Seven people braved the elements for the ride. The temperature was about 68 and the wind a little chilly but it was very good for the horses. Nobody overheated. We saw a deer, cougar tracks (good deal the cougar wasn't in them) and three wolves. You heard me, three wolves. I know what you are thinking, beer on the ride. But nooooooo. These were too big to be coyotes and too light colored. They weren't especially afraid of us. They had some where to be and they were going there. It was not far before the barrier at the end of the road from Nelson. They were really beautiful and powerful looking.

Trout Creek sign

This just proves we were at Trout Creek.

horse tied to trailer

I'm so bored waiting around for something to happen.

Shari Onstott

Good grief, you are squeezing me.

Shari Onstott cinching up

This should get it. I don't want to be falling off. (more on that later)

Aspen getting ready

Just making sure everything is right.

Christie and Sara at lunch

Stopped for lunch.

Sara and her horse

I just don't care to have some petting right now.

strawberry flower

This will be a delicious strawberry soon.

blue flower

Pretty little blue flowers. Look almost like violets.


Bluebells. They might be the prettiest flower.


Dill. Pickles anyone?


Another strawberry. We can go back later and fight with the bears for these. Ha ha, the bear would win.

Bob and Aspen

Dan and Aspen taking about something.

Angie Johnson

Angie doesn't look very happy to have her picture taken.

blue flower

Another blue flower that I don't know the name of.

yellow flower

A bright yellow flower. All the flowers were blooming.

view from the lunch spot

What a great place to have lunch. There is a wolf or three out there somewhere.

Raya Bay

Don't care. I have all the lunch I need.

The rest of the story for Shari. The ride had no rodeos until we came back and went to water the horses. Shari rode her mare into the creek and about 3 steps upstream when the mare decided, enough was enough. The mare left the creek but Shari didn't. No injuries but she said the water was really cold. I asked her if she could do it again when I had my camera ready but for some reason, she didn't want to do that so we'll just have to use our imaginations.

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