Vigilante Ride 9/25/2010

Horse being saddled

Gotta get saddled to go for a ride.

Bev Stiger leading horses

Bev Stiger and her horses. Almost ready, just get on and go.

Cheryl Schmitdt taking a picture

Taking a picture of the picture taker, Cheryl Schmidt.

Sonny Stiger

Sonny Stiger and his very nice new horse.

Horses stopping at the gate

Coming through the gate.

Horse grazing

I need no help with my grass eating. I'm an expert!


Nobody will starve. There are mushrooms.


Which may or may not be good for us.

Horse riders getting ready to leave

Stopped for lunch.

stopping for lunch

And the horses eat too. They are experts you know.

stopped for lunch

Just another view.

fall foliage

Some of the fall foliage.

Sonny Stiger

Sonny wanted a picture of his nice horse. This is one view.

Sonny Stiger

Moving around, trying to get into a good position.

Sonny Stiger

In position but still not great.

Sonny Stiger

Eureka!!! This is a nice picture.

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