Thompson Guard Station 9/29-10/2/11
Sign on gate

The weather was just beautiful and the bears stayed where they were supposed to, away from us. There was one rain storm Saturday evening but we were back in our vehicles by that time. Actually Eileen and I were in the back of the horse trailer watching my horse get rained on. If only he would have stood still in the trailer. We only saw three deers and a stellar jay. But I can't tell you much about that or anything else that happened. See the sign to the left.


I can say a big thank you to Eileen Taylor for all the hard work she put into making this trip a lot of fun. To those that didn't go, you missed some good times. Come with us next year, where ever we end up going.


It looks a little messy but we could find everything. I think.


The view looking the other way. Not much more organized.

around the campfire

Cheryl telling Judy and Sophia some story or the other. Can't tell you what it was because I didn't hear it and the sign, you know..

Eileen Taylor

Eileen Taylor at the table. When we arrived, the table was set and decorated. It looked great and so inviting.

Cheryl Bryant

Moving in was hard work. Had to carry extra hats.


Another view of our table. We had a lot of laughs there.


The horses getting settled in to their temporary home.

Judy and Cheryl

Judy and Cheryl posing for a picture.

Judy and Sophia

Judy and her granddaughter, Sophia, getting ready to feed.


Eileen in the kitchen getting supper ready.


Loretta just so happy to be where she was.

Cheryl and Jennie

Cheryl and Jennie getting food for the horses.

Eileen Taylor and Loretta

Eileen and Loretta walking back from getting a drink. Loretta was getting drinks, not Eileen.

Eileen and Loretta

Stopping for a little hug. And maybe some conversation.

Eileen and Loretta

And posing for a nice picture.

Eileen and Loretta

Watching Loretta eat. We were short on entertainment.

Eileen Taylor

Getting ready to go the next morning.

Eileen and Jennie

On our first ride, at the top of the hill.

view of the hills

The view from the hill.

view from the Guard Station

The view from the Guard Station. Tough to look at.

view on second ride

A view on our second ride on Saturday.

drinking at the river

Stopping for a drink. It was very much cooler by the river.

Judy Sophie

Judy and Sophie cooling off.


Had to get up early to check out this sunrise.

falls leaves

Some of the fall leaves. There was a lot of color in the hills.


A stop for something on our first day. Even if I knew, couldn't tell you. See sign above.


Sophie running for something. She was quick.


Another view on our Saturday ride.


Going a little slower now.


Jennie already to go.

Jennie and Eileen

Jennie and Eileen at the top of the hill on our first ride.

Judy and Sophie

Judy and Sophie on our first ride.


Stopping for lunch on Friday.

Cheryl and Eileen

Raya Bay, Cheryl Bryant and Eileen lunching up.

Jennie and Sophie

Sophie and Jennie enjoying lunch.


Nice little stream.


The stream again.

Judy and Sophie

Coming back from the Friday ride.

Raya Bay

Almost home again.

Eileen, Sophie

The rest of the gang catches up.


Part of the scavenger hunt. Tombstone rock, with a dog on it.


Needed a picture of a closed gate. Somebody must have slammed this one, really hard.


Then we had a scavenger hunt Friday night. Eileen wanted a breastplate.


This is what I gave her. Can't tell you a lot about the scavenger hunt but someone figured out a way to cheat, which was actually more fun than the hunt, for her anyway. But that person showed their honesty by disqualifying themselves so that should count for something. (There is probably something inherently wrong in the above statement but I just can't see it.)


Eileen asked for an animal track. I think this is Sophie's track.


Okey, now a hoof print. A real animal, since Sophie is not an animal, she is a teenager.


She wanted a cowboy gun. Doesn't get more cowboy than this but turns out, that wasn't what she wanted.


There was something about a pumpkin. This was as close as it got.

She wanted cowboy spurs. Turned this wasn't right either. The toy gun and spurs were in the biffy. Of all the places!!


And a picture of a tombstone rock. This has my name on it, underneath where you can't see it.

Raya Bay's ears

A picture of your horse's ears. Aren't these nice ears?

Jennie and Eileen

Jennie and Eileen coming back from searching for scavenger items. Eileen knew where they all were.

camp fire

Sitting around the camp fire.

camp fire

Still there. No BS going on herer, unh uh, no way.

Eileen and Cheryl

This is how the fashionable dress for morning feeding. Don't expect to see this on any magazine cover soon.

Cheryl Schmidt

On the Gipsy Lake trail. What a view.


The whole crew accounted for.

view Gipsy Lake trail

That's the direction weare headed.


The Gipsy Lake trail with Chincha coming back to see where we are.


Into the forest. There were some strange noises there.

view on Gipsy Lake trail

Another vista on the Gipsy Lake trail. The trail got worse at the bottom of the hill.

stellar jay

The stellar jay who came to visit, several times. I was so excited the picture was blurry.

stellar jay

This was a bit better. What pretty colors.


The last goodbye. What a great trip.

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