RV Ranch May 12, 2012

It was a beautiful sunny day, just a little breeze to keep things nice. Started with 9 and ended with 5. Nobody died on the ride, they just had to get back so didn't stay for lunch. The only rodeo was Aspen coming off her horse and landing in a tree. Unfortunately, it was the bottom of the tree since she had already hit the ground and bounced. She walked back out a ways until her dad could drive in and take her to get checked out. No injuries, just will be very sore and black and blue. She thought make up would cover it but I'm thinking she should use spackle. She figured out what she did wrong and says she'll ride again so that is good.

Eileen Taylor

Eileen Taylor and Loretta watch as a cow and calf were put into another pasture.



Gate was a little tough to close. Muscles to the rescue!


Man closing gate

Now we are getting somewhere.



Christy watches, maybe taking notes, maybe just making sure it is done right.


Sonny Stiger and Aspen Taylor

Cheryl Schmidt, Aspen Taylor and Sonny Stiger don't seem too concerned.



Apache relaxing in the shade during lunch time.


Eileen and Aspen Taylor

Eileen and Aspen walking back up to the lunch spot.


Eileen and Aspen

Its a trudge.


blue flower

Whats lunch without flowers.


yellow flower

All colors of flowers. This one is a yellow flower, scientifici name yellowus flowerus.

white flower

And this one, you guessed it, whitus flowerus.


Aspen Taylor

Aspen really didn't want her picture taken. Too bad!!!


Cheryl Schmidt

Cheryl Schmidt at the remote lunch spot.


Cheryl Schmidt and Sonny Stiger

Cheryl and Sonny looking for smoke form the fire they kept calling Sonny about.


Group of riders at lunch

Now we are all in the correct lunch spot.


Group of riders at lunch

Aspen trying to hide her face again.


Group of riders at lunch

Lunch is over, time to go.


Tshirt with logo, Real friends do tick checks

Our motto of the ride. Well, some of us anyway.


Cheryl Schmidt and Eileen Taylor

And of course, the tick check. Probably could have lived without that.

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