Stampede Parade July 27, 2011

Here are a couple pictures of the parade yesterday. I want to thank everyone for putting in the effort to show up and of course most of all Dan and Aspen Taylor and Kate Hollandsworth for not only picking up our poop but actually picking up the Stampede group and Roy Pace family poop... It was a beautiful day and our horses were well behaved (except for Eileen and my horse who fell in love...)

Our drill team, the Ballerinas on Beasts, won for mounted drill team. I don't know what they got as a prize but they looked fabulous. Bev Stiger's horse was the star of the day; Rocky carried the Queen and did a mighty respectable job of it.

Thanks again to the Taylor family, Sheri Onstott for getting us organized and the Hollandsworth's and their beautiful exchange student, Anna. It would have been wonderful to have a bigger crew but due to the parade being in the middle of the week most people couldn't come. But it was fun and I hope next year the parade committee fixes some glitches and we can be back in the parade as a larger group. Cheryl Schmidt


Who is this clown?


Are they talking about the horse?


Maybe we can share this sucker.

Eleen Taylor

Eileen Taylor trying to go somewhere or maybe nowhere.

fire truck

Look! A big shiny yellow something or other.

Cheryl Schmidt

Cheryl Schmidt ready and waiting.


And so are the spectators.

Cheryl Schmidt & Eileen Taylor

The two love birds...carrying Cheryl and Eileen

Cheryl Schmidt & Eileen Taylor

I hope Bev and Sonny got better pictures of us, my friend who took these got a lot of our "backsides"... Maybe he thought that was the best angle.

Ballerinas on Beasts

Our drill team, Ballerinas on Beasts. The Ballerinas are the ones in pink shirts.

Ballerinas on Beasts, the drill team

And more pictures of the parade and arena below.

Bev Stiger and Rocky and roeo queen


Sonny and Rocky and rodeo queen


Bev, Sonny, Rocky and rodeo queen


Ballerina on Beasts

Ballerinas on Beasts


Ballerinas on Beasts


Helena Trail Riders


Helena Trail Riders

Littlest Rider


Riders in the lot

Rocky in the parade


Roy and Dale together again

arena entry


rodeo queen and Rocky



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