Nelson Overnight 7/15-17, 2011

The weekend rides were great. There were only 7 riders Friday night but the ride was good. There was a fenced in bird sanctuary. Don't they know the birds could just fly over the fence? The mosquitoes weren't too bad. There was a shower at the end of the ride, just before we got back to camp. Some of us got soaked, some of us put on our slickers (Dillon). The sunset was very colorful.

Saturday was a beautiful day. Many more riders. Only one rodeo. The youngest rider, Lexie, came off her horse when he jumped some water. She ended up underneath the horse, got a bruise on her shoulder and a bump on her forehead. Fortunately was wearing a helmut. The two Cheryls decided she needed brain surgery but she wasn't convinced. Didn't hold a grudge though. Let us hold her little dog Fifi later, who weighs about as much a large hamburger.

For wildlife, we saw 2 buzzards and 2 deer on Friday. Two grouse and a moose on Saturday. Except Cheryl S. She remained mooseless and grouseless.

Bev Stiger

Bev setting up her home away from home.

Bev Stiger

The inside of Bev's home sweet home.

Cheryl Schmidt's tent

Cheryl Schmidt's home sweet home.


The bubbling brook that really got annoying after a while.

Dan Taylor

Dan getting his horse ready.


Dave getting ready to ride Friday night.


A meadow up Cottonwood Gulch on the Friday ride.

Friday horse riders

Going up the gulch on Friday night.

Phil and Dillon

Phil and Dillon getting ready to ride.


Dillon on the Friday ride.


Dave checking out the woods. Whatcha doing Dave?

Phil, Bev and Cheryl B

The end of the road. But it was a nice ride. Rocky has nice red boots. Squeaky too.

Cheryl Schmidt

Got to get a picture of the picture taker.


This was before the rainstorm. A very pretty warning.


Told you the sunset was wonderful.


More sunset.


Now its starting to fade.


And almost gone.


Apache ready to go.

Bev Stiger

Bev making Rocky all pretty.

Cheryl Bryant

Cheryl S taking a picture of Cheryl B taking a picture.

Cheryl Schmidt

Chery B taking a picture of Cheryl S taking a picture. There was a lot of the going on.

cheryl B and Bev S

Cheryl B and Bev getting their horses ready.

Cheryl S and Bev

Cheryl S and Bev mounted up and ready to go.

Eileen Taylor

Eileen getting a group picture.

Group picture

And the whole group.

Eileen Taylor

Eileen up early making breakfast. And a big fire.

Lexie and her horse

Lexie all saddled up and ready to go.


Dillon gets ready.


Eileen poses but she didn't really want to.

Horses tied to a trailer

The horses just patiently waiting.

Raya Bay

Raya Bay waiting also.


Stopping for lunch.


No pictures please. Too late.


Lunch is in here somewhere.


Stand around and talk about where to park it for lunch.

Riders on the trail

Going down the trail.


This is fun! From her smile, Sara probably just ate a bug. She does that from time to time.

Sara and Christie

Sara and Mom talks things over.

Shari Onstott

Tie them up good and tight.

View of the mountains

The view from the top of Hunter's Gulch.


Bev getting lunch.


A very nice picture of Bev.

Cheryl Schmidt and Apache

Cheryl Schmidt and Apache. Although we call him everything but his name.

Cheryl Bryant and Schmidt

The Cheryl Club having a meeting.

Chris Warren

Lets go this way Meriweather.


So much grass, so little time.

Dan Taylor

Nice lunch seat.

Dan Taylor

Ready to ride.

Dan and Eileen Taylor

Discussion about where we should have stopped for lunch.

Eileen Taylor

This was an okey lunch spot after all.


Just an interesting weed.


A little strawberry flower. No strawberries yet though.


More pretty flowers.

wild rose

Beautiful wild rose.


Name it and claim it.


Again, a mystery weed.


Ready to made seeds.


Not sure if this is on the north side of the tree or not.

Lexie and her horse

Lexie and her trusty horse, who turned out not to be so trusty.

Lexie horse

The not so trusty horse.


Lexie shows off her rodeo injury.


Nice campfire.


Colton gets to throw twigs into the fire.

Lexie and Colton

This looks a bit like karoke.

Lexie and Colton

Or could be a train.

Colton and Shari

Aha! Something to get Mom inflated.

Lexi and Fifi

Fifi. No bigger than a large hamburger.

Shari Onstott

Shari gets started on camp.

Shari and Lexie

Shari and Lexie relax.

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