McMasters North Ride
August 23, 2008

Riders at the trailhead

At the trailhead. Left to right, Sharon Bert, Dale Gardner, Jim Carlson and Cheryl Bryant

Riders at the trailhead

Still at the trailhead. But this time left to right is Sharon Bert, Dale Gardner, Cheryl Bryant and Jim Carlson.

Riders at the trailhead

Still at the trailhead but we really did go for a ride, eventually.

Stopping for lunch

Stopping for lunch. Dale Gardner sitting on the log, Cheryl Bryant standing behind him and Sharon Bert holding down the other end of the log.

Stopped for lunch

Still stopped for lunch. Jim Carlson with the Missouri River in the background. We really did ride. We made it to the river.

Riders on the trail

Headed back to guess where?? The trailhead. Back to front, Cheryl Bryant, Sharon Bert, Jim Carlson and Dale Gardner, the fearless leader.

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