McMasters Ride
May 10, 2008

Missouri River

The Missouri River.


Left to right, Bev Stiger, Kurt Burnham, Randy Onstott, Dale Gardner. No name on the mule's butt.

Horse and mules tied up

The hard working members of the ride.

Bev Stiger and Lynn Mockel

Bev Stiger and Lynn Mockel.

Missouri River

Missouri River.

Bill Bluck

Bill Bluck takes it easy while the mule is looking forward to working again. Not!

Riders eating lunch

Time to lunch up. In the back, Lynn Mockel and Bev Stiger. In front is Dale Gardner and Kurt Burnham. Lying down is Randy Onstott and Sheri Miller.

Riders relaxing

On the left is Kurt Burnham, right is Dale Gardner. Still laying down is Randy Onstott and Sheri Miller. Bill Bluck is furthest away. Probably more peaceful there.

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