Little Creek Ride
June 14, 2008


Left to right, Dale Gardner, Bill Inama, Susan Johnson and Mary Green.

Riders on the trail

Left to right, Susan Johnson, Mary Green, Sharon Bert.

Riders on the trail

Left, Jim Carlson, right is Peggy Rossberg


Nice view of the prairie and hills. Can't get that in New York City.

Riders on the trail

Bill Inama and Susan Johnson.

Riders having lunch

Time for lunch. Left to right, Mary Green, Peggy Rossberg, Bill Inama and Jim Carlson, who looks entirely too relaxed.

Stopped for lunch

At last lunch, the horses are relieved.

Riders on the trail

Left to right, Peggy Rossbert, Jim Carlson, Lynn Mockel, Sharon Bert, Dale Gardner.

Riders on the trail

Left to right, Bill Inama, Peggy Rossberg, Jim Carlson, Susan Johnson.

Bill Inama and elk horn

Bill Inama with an elk horn he found. And he gave it a home at his house.

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