The Blackfoot Meadows Ride
August 25, 2007
Young girl hunting frogs on the Blackfoot River Riders talking
Sierra Collins hunts for frogs. Cheryl Bryant, Sierra Collins and Kacey Collins
Cheryl Schmidt Cheryl Bryant and Raya Bay
Cheryl Schmidt and a nice looking Arabian named Raya Bay. The other end of Raya Bay.
Dale and Judy Gardner Casey, Sierra Collins and Cheryl Bryant
Dale and Judy Gardner enjoying lunch. Casey, Sierra, Marsha Collins and Cheryl Bryant
Rider having a discussion Riders tying up
Lets stand around and talk about it. Finding good places to tie up.
Riders on the trail Riders on the trail
Making a stop for something. Everybody looks better in this one.
Horses tied up Horses tied up.
We can all stand around and be tied up. Same tie up, different trees.
Kading rider Rider relaxing
I have found my spot. This is the way to relax!
Horse tied up Riders relaxing
You relax your way, I'll relax my way. This is a great spot for lunch.
Kading Meadows Kading Meadows. No moose.
Kading riders The Blackfoot Meadows riders.

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