Wanna buy a ticket?

Shirely Herrin

Our long-time member and past secretary, Shirley Herrin, beautiful!

Sonny Stiger

Music provided by Sonny Stiger

Heather and Kate Hollandsworth

Heather and Kate working hard.

Girl with programs

There were little "newspaper boys" (although this was a girl) all over the walking mall giving away programs.  They were so darn cute.

Tom Bruhn

Our very own Tom Bruhn up and walking after his horrible fall recently.

Barbershop quartet

Right across from HTR's table was the place for music.  These barbershop singers were so good!

Prickly Pear String Band

A long time local band, the Prickly Pear String Band.

Irish dancers

The parade was filled with all sorts of fun groups - Irish Dancers.

Daughters of the American Revolution

Shirley Herrin with her group "Daughters of the American Revolution" and behind them the group of newspaper boys.

Cheryl Schmidt and Bob Bracio

Hmmm, looks like someone is telling a big b.s. story.  I wonder who?  I think it's Braico, although he looks innocent enough...

Well the Historical Fair on Saturday was fun and no rain! The wagon was won by Cookie Butts from Wolf Creek. (dang it) I think it would have looked better in MY yard. The job that Kate and Heather Hollandsworth did on the wagon was unbelievable. You just had to see it to believe it.

I can't thank the people who showed up to help enough. It makes for a fun day. Sonny Stiger came and brought his guitar and serenaded us. Bob Braico showed up later and helped pack up and took the heaviest box back to the clubhouse (thank goodness, I don't think I could have carried it again). Heather and Kate Hollandsworth stuck it out all day and sold even more tickets. I don't know what the final tally is, but I'm sure it's substantial. The club sure should thank them for all their effort as the money goes to the club! And last but NOT least, sweet Mary Kelley (and Jack) brought us lunch. And not just any lunch... Kate, Heather and I are gluten intolerant and so Mary provided us with a gluten free lunch of wonderful ham sandwiches and boy were they good! She must have thought she was feeding an army but we managed to make them disappear just fine. Thank you Mary!

Small airplane


The Air Force and maybe an alien who landed in the parade.


Clown fire truck


The Fire Department. They sure know how to have fun at a fire.

Cheryl Schmidt


Not sure where Cheryl is going to plow.


Army truck


Nice little hunting rig!

Clown car


Such a cute car!



Everyone and everything came to the parade.


Horsehead schulpture


What a great way to use old horseshoes.

Truck with many license plates


This truck has been everywhere.

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