Hilger Ride 6/10/2011

Stopped for a break

Here we are, stopping for a break.

riders on the trail

Some went through the trees, by choice.

riders on the trail

And stringing out along the road. It sure was a nice day.


Such a nice mule. And such nice looooong ears.


What's she holding her head for? I'm the one been working.

grey horse

Sure would be nice to eat some of this grass.

Raya Bay, an Arabian

It is nice, I ate a bunch of it.

Stopped for lunch

Stopping for lunch.


Just missed getting the ears to come out of the top of her head.


Here is the cowpie Sara stepped in, twice. And then Dad stepped in it too. Must run in the family.

aqua butterfly

A butterfly getting minerals out of the damp ground.

blue butterfly

This one came in a blue color.

group of butterflies

A herd of butterflies.

yellow butterflies

I sure loved those butterflies.

blue butterfly

This one let me get very close.


Liked this mule too. He did have his ears forward, really.


Not only did not get the ears forward but he closed his eyes too.


Ahh, she's gone, peace and quiet.

paint horse

This is a really nice lunch.


A little waterfall where there usually is no water.

Sara at the waterfall

I think I can go up this waterfall. And she did.

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