Heart Lake Ride 7/10/2010

On the trail to Heart Lake

On the trail to Heart Lake.

Stopped for a break

Stopping for a break.

riders resting

Our first stop. Bev and Dale don't look tired at all.

Judy Gardner

Judy doesn't seem concerned that she will be internet famous.

rider resting

This would have been a good picture if someone's ears didn't get in the way.

Judy Gardner

Judy still bored by her fame.

Rider taking pictures

We'll take pictures of the picture takers.

Heart Lake

There is a lake back there somewhere.

Horse scratching

It feels soooooo good.

Taking pictures

What does this thingamajig do again?

stopping for lunch

Why is Judy hiding behind the tree?

stopping for lunch

Now Dale hides behind a tree.

Heart Lake

Nice place for a picnic.


No idea what's going on here.

horses resting

This is the best part, just tie up and rest.

Heart Lake

Hard to see the trees for all the forest.

Ravenwood Raya Bay

The lovely Raya Bay taking his rest.

back at camp

I think he wanted to keep eating.

horses resting

Why is everybody's butt to the camera?

horses resting

And more butts.

back at camp

Home sweet home. Well for this weekend anyway.

Sonny Stiger

Not sure what Sonny is doing but didn't he get tall?


The hills just covered with blue bells.


And they were really blue.

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