Gibson Reservoir Ride
June 28-29, 2008

View of Mountains

Nice view.

View of Mountains

More nice mountains.

View of Mountains

These mountains are part of the Rocky Mountain front.

View of Gibson Reservoir

Riding along the Gibson Reservoir to the Klick Ranch.

Riders relaxing on the trail

Lunch on Saturday. Left to right, Louise Stoner, Kurt Burnham and Dale Gardner.

Riders having Lunch

Still having lunch. Louise Stoner and Kurt Burnham.

Riders having lunch

Louise Stoner, Kurt Burnham and Dale Gardner on the right.

Riders at lunch

Louise Stoner, Scott Stoner and Kurt Burnham.

Dale and Judy Gardner

Dale and Judy Gardner relaxing and having lunch.

Horses tied up

The horses and mules relaxing too.

Horse tied up.

More horses and mules tied up.

Riders and horses

Finally, lunch is done and Dale Gardner gets ready to ride some more. The horse is saying "oh joy".

View of mountains

More of the Rocky Mountain Front.

Rocky Mountain Front

Another view of the Rocky Mountain Front.

Getting ready to ride

Stopping for a break. Louise Stoner and Dale Gardner.

View of the Mountains

Mountain view just before riding down to Gibson Reservoir.

Riding down to the reservoir

Looping back to the reservoir. Kurt Burnham in front leading a mule, Scott Stoner and Louise Stoner.

View of the reservoir

A very nice view of Gibson Reservoir.

Riders having supper.

Dessert after supper on Saturday. Kurt Burnham fixed a cherry cobbler in a dutch oven and served it with ice cream. Louise Stoner to Kurt's left and Scott Stoner sitting down.

Riders having supper

Now everybody gets to sit down. I'll bet there wasn't much talking going on when there was cherry cobbler to eat.

Dale Gardner and Louise Stoner

Dale Gardner and Louise Stoner enjoying the cobbler.

View of Gibson Reservior

View of Gibson Reservoir Dame riding back to the trail head.

Riding along the Reservoir

Looking at Dale Gardner's back by the reservoir.

View of Gibson Reservoir

Heading back to the trail head.

View of Gibson Reservoir

Second day of the ride along the reservoir.

Riding along the reservoir

Riding along the reservoir on the second day of the ride. Kurt Burnham is leading, then Louise Stoner followed by Scott Stoner.

View of the barns at the Klick Ranch

Looking across the river at the barns on the Klick Ranch

Gate on the bridge

Gate to the bridge which crosses the Sun River to the rest of the Klick Ranch.

View of a bridge crossing the Sun River

Bridge across the Sun River to the main part of the Klick Ranch.

Sun River

Looking upstream at the Sun River from the bridge.

Sun River

Looking downstream from the bridge. Wonder how cold that water is.

House and Barns on the Klick Ranch

Looking across to the buildings at the Klick Ranch.

Swimming pool at the Klick Ranch

The swimming pool at the Klick Ranch. This is heated from hot water springs. Sure beats the river.

View from deck by the swimming pool.

Magnificent view from the deck by the swimming pool.

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