Crystal Creek Ride 9/25/2011



It was a beautiful fall day, a little on the hot side. Only three people showed up, Eileen Taylor and the two Cheryl's. Too bad, because when we got up on the top of the ridge, we all saw a lynx. Of course, he was moving too fast to get a picture but we all saw him. Cheryl II reported it to the Forest Service. They reported to her that it was a first sighting of a lynx in the Elkhorns. A great thing to happen on the last ride.

view from the ridge

View from the top. Wonder what the poor people were looking at.

view from the top

Another point of view.

Eileen Taylor

Eileen Taylor going on down the trail. Somebody had to get their ears in the picture.

Eileen Taylor

Closer and closer, sneaking up on her.

Eileen Taylor

A sign. Maybe we can figure out where we are going.

Eileen Taylor and Cheryl Bryant

Eileen and Cheryl on the top.

Eileen Taylor

Taking a picture and taking a picture.

Trail sign

Okey, but it still didn't help tell us where we were.

Eileen Taylor and Cheryl Bryant

Where ever we were, it was very pretty with all the fall colors.

View from the top

Great views.

View from the top

Just a whole lot of country.

View of Helena

Just a tiny little town.

Eileen Taylor

Stopped at lunch.

Eileen Taylor and Cheryl Bryant

This must be something good or complete BS.


The lovely Raya Bay relaxing.


Loretta almost hiding behind a tree.


Apache also relaxing.


He looks so cute he got two pictures.


A big thank you to Eileen Taylor for all the hard work she has done this year to plan out rides. Weather, funerals and other events sometimes interfered with the rides but that certainly was not her fault. A round of applause for her for a successful ride year.

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