Beartooth Game Range 7/17/2010

rider getting ready

Jill Hamiton getting her horse ready.


To the right. This would have been a good picture of Bev Stiger if she wasn't so fast.

half of Bev Stiger

mules tied up

Roxy and Magnum getting ready.

riders getting ready

Jill making sure her horse is really really ready.

leading a young rider

Mom leads Alexis around.

riders getting ready

Are we there yet?

Jack Kelley getting on

Jack Kelley gets on. You use whatever you have to.

stopping at the top

Stopping at the top to see the Sleeping Giant from the other side.

riders taking a break

We did scatter out a bit.

young rider

Alexis ready to hit the trail again.


The campground.


And more of the campground.

Riders just standing around

Discussing the ride or something.

Stopped for lunch

Jack Kelley, Dale and Judy Gardner checking something out.

stopped for lunch

Now the horse has to check it out too.

stopped for lunch

Cheryl Bryant contemplating the view. Jill Hamilton hides behind her horse.

Sonny Stiger

Sonny Stiger and the giant.

Bev Stiger

Bev Stiger in the same place, almost.

stopped for lunch

Judy Gardner, Kurt Burnham, Dale Gardner and Jack Kelley. Are they thinking of going swimming?

Bev Stiger

Bev Stiger watching her horse eat.

stopped for lunch

Magnum and Roxy enjoy the almost best part of the ride. The best part is getting back to camp.

Sonny Stiger

Sonny Stiger feeds his horse.

view of the Sleeping Giant

The backside of the Sleeping Giant.

horse tied up

Could care less about any giants.

view of the river

Cool looking river. Only a short jump to the water.


Can't take enough pictures.

view back down the trail

The view back the way we came.

young girls on the rocks

Was it something I said?

back at camp

Home again, home again.

group of riders

Cris is too relaxed


Alexis knows how to cool off too.

Roxy and Magnum

The lovely Magnum with his ears forward. Roxy only doing things halfway, one ear is all you get.

Jack Kelley back on the ground in a good way.
Jack Kelley
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