Helena Trail Riders General Membership Meeting January 21, 2015

The January 21, 2015 meeting of the Helena Trail was called to order by President Heather Hollandsworth at 6:40pm.

Minutes were read by members attended with no corrections noted, Carol motioned to approve and Vickie 2nd – all approved.

Correspondence - a thank you card from Judy Gardener for our cake for Dale’s services. A newsletter from Great Divide Trail Coalition. Pamphlet, Mt. Horse Sanctuary and a thank you from our Christmas family.

Director’s Reports:

Social Director– Sheryl not here.

Historian – Marcia Gray – said she would send out an e-mail to all members wanting to order a club t-shirt and each person can respond to her for their order(s). about $15 per shirt.

Trail Director –Chris Warren – she apologizes for forgetting the CD of pictures for Cheryl Bryant for our web site

Vice-President - – Keith Herrin –sent a text that he will run for Vice President again – but otherwise he is absent.

O’mok’see Director Vickie-– Vickie Blixt – spring convention for state o’mok’see February 6 and 7th . Carol Ham, Cynthia and Vickie are going. The meeting is in Anaconda. Were supposed to bring a scrapbook and a skit. Everyone is invited. They would like one night motel stay paid for Friday night $72.76. They set the games for state. HTR O’mok’see date is 5/16/15 for fun day and 8/15/15 for our point show. We may have to give up our fun day for the Equine Expo. Keith sent an e-mail about some different things for the year. Maybe an obstacle course, a timed trail course, a horse show judge and awards, a poker run. Try to bring in ALL members not just O’mok’see people.

Patsy found us a PA system for $12.50 at a pawnshop for our O’mok’see. We will have to try it in the crow’s nest. Membership dues tonight before you can vote.

Program Director – Cynthia - elections are tonight.

Maintenance Director–Sheri Onstott there is a leak on fairground’s property and the water in our building is off until the leak is found and repaired. An electrical outlet needs covered next to the stove because it causes the breaker to flip and a new snow shovel needs bought –our other one has disappeared.

New Business –0

Announcements –0.

Old Business – Shirley Herrin announced that 16 past presidents will be going to Cowboy Hall of Fame inductions. We discussed paying spouses or another single for all past presidents to attend the induction ceremony and for Shirley also. Friday night is a pre-social hour for a meet and greet with people from all over the state of Montana.

Chris motioned to adjourn, Jessica 2nd – all approved. Adjourned 7:05 pm. Kate Hollandsworth Secretary

Elected tonight were Heather Hollandsworth for President, Keith Herrin for vice-president, Sheri Onstott for director, Carol Ham for director, Jessica Erickson for director, Vickie delegate Montana Saddle Club Association

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