Helena Trail Riders General Meeting April 18th, 2012

The April meeting of the Helena Trail Riders was called to order by President Sheri Onstott at 6:15pm.

Guest were introduced: Angela Ewing Hyppa, old member, and her family, husband Craig and daughter Alexa(?) and Penny Taylor.

Program by John Getchel - Continental Divide System, now the Montana Wilderness Assoc. Montana High Divides Trails, a partnership of outdoor groups working on the trail system in Montana. This is an unusual group made up of 9 groups with 1 idea and common goals. Some of the belief is to leave a small footprint on a large spans of forest. The thought is to leave the electric world behind and reconnect with each other and Mother Nature. In the beginning it was quiet pathways to the back country, then people started to destroy/make trails. The majority of Montanans feel that the ORVís are ďleast compatibleĒ with the trails systems. In 2007 they came up with a plan as a group on what needs done and how to get there - 240 miles from Pintler to ScapeGoat. There is about 980 miles of trail on the Continental Divide, 70% complete. Helena has about 116 miles of trails around here. Lincoln only has about 5 to go before the trail is complete.

Some of the trails are:
Sullivan Creek - a good fall ride.
Beaverhead/Deerlodge - The trail wraps around Butte Highlands, it needs completed. The East Ridge, by Our Lady of the Rockies, is next.
Little Blackfoot Headwaters, South Fork of Boulder.
Helena - Has 36 miles of more work to be done. Granite Butte Lookout will be worked on next. It is a 5000 year old hunting trail, a travois trail.
Telegraph Creek is a 14 mile loop.
Lincoln will be keeping some trails separated - horse/foot and bicycle.
Currently there are 12 projects in Montana, 4 in/around Helena.

Directorís Reports

Minutes read by members, correction of last month by Sonny, Bev didnít hit her head she just need a surgery. Move to accept made by Kate Hollandsworth, Approved by all.

Treasurer - Mary Kelley

Motion to approve Bev, 2nd Dave.

Correspondence: Cheryl mentioned that Robertaís daughter is opening a Latte/Sundae shop in the Old Morning Light building on Fuller next to Finstadís. The grand opening is Saturday from 4-7, she will be giving out free coffee and sundaes.

Roberta was honored for 10 years of volunteering at St. Peters.

Farmerís Market is 10-4 on Saturday and Sonnyís band will be Pickiní and Grinniní.

Historian - Cheryl: Nothing

Social - Roberta: Sorry there is no coffee since we have no water.

Omoksee - Keith: The arena is worked up. Come practice on Tuesday/Thursday and the 1st Friday. Stop-Look-Listen posterís for the rides for $5 and to try us out, horse safety, trail safety and the O-Mak-see practices. We need materials to fix the shed roof, and donations to fix the West End Arena. April 28th at 10 am bring a lunch and help replace posts/rails and work on the gate. There will also be rock picking needed. If we get rained out the next choice of work day will be May 19th.

Trail Director - Eileen: This years trail ride plans are in the Pony Tails and on our website. Thank you to the Cheryls. Cheryl motioned to approve trail schedule, Kate 2nd, all approved. May 11 will be a potluck with the first ride of the season to follow on the 12th. Each months ride will have an agenda with directions, ride conditions and what to bring. Cheryl is working on cards to put scheduled rides out and about the community. April 20th - donít forget to come to the West End Arena and play. The Poker ride is just a run, no food afterwards. We need to chose a charity to donate to. Motion from Shirley to give to Eagle Mount, 2nd from Penny, All approved. The % to give to charity will be decided by the board next month, 5 prizes to the hands, we need to ask around the community for donations. We should do snacks at the end. Check with Eagle Mount about their recent charity donations so we donít hit up the same people.

Maintenance: See report in Pony Tails. Don't use the bathrooms, we have no water.

Programs & Public Relations: No Director May - Tia Nelson DVM or another vet will be here to talk about spring vaccines.

Old Business: Membership drives - we have people calling old members to have them come back. Spring clean up on the 28th.

New Business: Bob and Jan are taking a break from the club and Gary Bye is gone from the club. They have both resigned their positions on the board. Dan Taylor was voted in by the board to the Maintenance position. He has finished the ceiling on the porch and now we need screening to keep the pigeons off the window sills. The ladies toilet is out of order, we have no water.

We are forming a committee to work on the by-laws. We have 3 board members, we need 2 general members. Marcia Gray and Shirley Herrin volunteered. Cheryl will type the by-laws and get the board members input, then the committee will decide on changes. Hope to have the changes by June.

The board approved Kathy and Peggyís use of the building for the International Auchbach Meeting.

Eileen - we need to have people at the clubhouse during the fair to sell pie slices and drinks, and to do meet and greet with the public. We will need help, thinking of selling the pie for $`1.25/slice and $1 for water, soda or coffee. The 4Hrís have this rented. The bathrooms wonít be open to the public and the building will be closed on sale day. Tabled for now.

Bill Gray brought in old jackets to look at since Marcie took over. Jackets will be $60, ? cost for changing logo, can we print on our own clothing. Classic Creations has our old logo.

Tonight we will start the poker hands. 100% pay out for best hand and a prize for 2nd place. Sonny - cancer patient at church is in need of help. Get yourself to the Oasis on the 29th at 4pm to help.

Announcements: Donít for get the work day on the 28th. Robertaís daughter is having the open house on Saturday. Thank You to Dan Taylor for the work

Meeting adjourned at 7:35, motioned by Candy, all approved.
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