Helena Trail Riders Board of Directors Meeting April 18th, 2012

The April meeting of the Helena Trail Riders Board of Directors was called to order by President Sheri Onstott at 5:32pm.

Directors present were Cheryl Schmidt, Eileen Taylor, Vice-President Chris Warren, Treasure Mary Kelley, Secretary Janelle Dunn, Keith Herrin, Candy Score, and Roberta Lawson. Minutes were read through, changes to them are that Bev did not hit her head she had surgery. Cheryl motioned to approve and Chris 2nd - all approved.

Treasurer - Mary Kelley See Separate Reports.

Mary motioned, Roberta 2nd and all approved.

We sent a check to Continental Divide Trails, they returned it. We need deposit slips that will be $42.48. Insurance is due, we got a quote for $855.19 or less, Mary is trying to get a second bid. We will be adding the fairgrounds to the policy. Motion to pay Mary, 2nd from Eileen.

We need to change the Power Townsend account from Bob to Dan. Mary motioned, Chris 2nd. We have no budget for new roofing on the O-Mak-See shed, Bob said that we have all the material. We do have $500 set aside to match the 4H fund. They only got $25 instead of $1500. They are offering man power instead of money. Sandy Merchen was hoping they can help on the 28th in lieu of money and in exchange for riding time. As members they can use the arena on our regular days, for extra time they need to talk to Keith. They want to do a practice run prior to the fair. They are having issues with their current arrangements.

Correspondence: None

Director’s Reports

Programs & Public Relations: Gary resigned. John Getchel will be here tonight. He will be talking about the Continental Divide Trail systems. We need a new director.

Historian - Cheryl: Nothing to report.

Maintenance: Bob resigned. Dan Taylor has done a lot of work on the porch.

Omoksee - Keith/Candy: Keith is looking into donations to help with the shed - Mark’s Lumber to donate poles, we need 12 poles and 2 posts and paint to get the arena back up to snuff. Gary(?) to look at out gate to fix up without spending money. District voted to sponsor point shows. They will do ribbons, arena prep, port-o-potty. Might be able to increase number of shows to 2-3 which would increase income. Hollandsworth’s have talked about running a concessions. If we make money the district will get it, but if we don’t we don’t lose any money. This will be for a 1 year trial. We need to track costs and fees. We need to work on a Stop-Look-Listen poster about practices, discount trial memberships, $5/ride - if they do 2-3 rides that will go towards their membership. We need someone to keep track of any time a non-member rides with us. Motion from Cheryl, 2nd Candy - all in favor for allowing people to come to our events for $5 and that they have to sign a waiver.

Trail Director - Eileen: April 20th West End Arena in lieu of the corral. Potluck is May 11th and the first ride is the 12th. The ride is off Barrett Rd calving barn. BBQ after the Memorial Day ride, usually #109, the Forest Service has closed that trail so instead it will be #101/134. Didn’t get a hold of the Great Divide in time so the poker run will be on the RV Ranch instead. This is a fund raiser - we need to decide who we are giving to - Susan G Komen for Cowgirls, Injured Cowboys... There will not be food at the end. We need to decide what the buy in will be and what the % we will donate to charity.

Social - Roberta: Nothing. We need to figure out why we have no water. Looking at changing a few things.

Old Business: Membership, marketing, help for Cheryl with her projects. Marcia Gray will help with the embroidery search. Shirley Herrin will be doing the name tags. We need a committee to go over the by-laws, 5 people total 3 board members; Cheryl, Keith and Roberta, and 2 general members.

New Business: Kathy Campbell and Peggy Rossberg want to us the club house July 13-15 for the National Auchbach Meeting. The charge will be $25/day. Cheryl will call Keith Hatch to let him know.

Vote Dan Taylor into Maintenance Director. Mary motioned, Cheryl 2nd, all in favor.

We need a new Program Director.

Roberta’s daughter opened a Latte and Sundaes Shop. Roberta honored by St. Peters for 10 years of volunteering.

Adjourned the meeting at 6:12, Eileen motioned and Keith 2nd.
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