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Board Meets: 5:30 p.m. monthly on the third Wednesday, September 19.

President: Marcia Gray, 443-2679

Vice-President: Heather Hollandsworth 492-7066

Treasurer: Kate Hollandsworth, 492-7206

Secretary: Shirley Herrin, 442-8858

Trail Rides: Chris Warren, 461-6527

Building/ Maintenance: Caleb Blokzyl, 465-7123

Historian: Historian & MSCA Delegate: Penny Koehler,

O-Mok-See: Keith Herrin, 461-3614 cavtrooper@uscavalryschool.com

Public Relations: Bill Gray, 443-2679

Representative: Vicky Blixt, Montana Saddle Club Assoc, 202-2355, tovikywho@q.com


Social Director Julia Curtis, 449-0360

Odd numbered months will have a membership and board meeting. Even numbered months we will have an activity and board meeting. Board of Directors Meeting and membership meeting this month - September 19.

From Our President -----------Howdy Trail Riders !

We hosted such a wonderful O-Mok-See this past July, it was gratifying to have members take advantage of competition somewhat near Helena. The state O-Mok-See was held in Cutbank over the Labor Day weekend. Helena Trail Riders Kimberly Curtis and Patsy Althof placed. Congratulations to you both.

There is a colt starting challenge at the Fairgrounds indoor arena (multipurpose building) September 14th and 15th. It looks like it is going to be 5 trainers, round pens, and 5 colts starting 6:00 Friday night. It is listed ending at 9:30 but you know how working with horses goes. It could be earlier or later. Bleachers are not as comfortable as a saddle so you may want to bring a stadium cushion or seat pillow.

It is truly a small world in Montana where you can find friends or family connections no matter what community you visit. When people connect by horses it can become smaller yet.

Last winter Bill and I attended our first skijoring contest. One of the new riders to the sport was named Kayla. The announcer kept the crowd enthusiastically rooting for her, emphasizing she was new to the sport. Several months later who do you think would win our Last Chance Stampede Queen contest but a gal named Kayla. We were happy to see the queen contest revived and hopefully there will be more contestants next year.

Not too early to make plans for winter. Our Christmas party is going to be held December 9th. This should give you enough of a head start to prepare to attend.

September 19th is our next meeting. Keith Herrin will present a DVD program 45 minutes long about the Battle of the Little Big Horn and the re-enactments that continue. Marcia

Anyone with suggestions for programs or activities, please come to a meeting and share, or let a board of directors member know what you would like to see or hear about.

• Any member can contribute to the Pony Tales. For sale or wanted items and articles must be to Sharon by the 10th of each month. (trailridershelena@gmail.com)
• It is important that no Helena Trail Rider member is left out of the loop because he/she doesn’t have the latest social communication device. Please let us know of any member who is not receiving the newsletter either via e-mail or by snail-mail.
• Send items you wish included in the newsletter to trailridershelena@gmail.com.


Afternoon to all. Sorry we haven’t been out on many trail rides, but with the busy summer things going on (vacation, fair, watching my grandson, my sons graduation from his master program as a P.A. (Aka Physicians Assistant) and the late spring, the setting up of rides just didn’t seem to work out. I hope to get a few set up for September/October so please watch on facebook, as well as the website, for details.

Hoping everyone has had an amazing summer and looking forward to a long fall season for many rides to happen. Thank you Chris

If you have any questions, please call Chris Warren,461-6257. Thanks.

From Sharon:

Every month I will try to add a short section on trail riding areas near Helena, most of which the club has been to at least once. This month’s site is McMaster Hills.

The McMaster Hills provide relatively level cross-country trails on BLM lands. The area was formerly part of the McMaster Ranch, a 5,000+-acre operation around the Spokane Hills. There are two formal trailheads, east and west. The trailheads are accessed off Canyon Ferry Road, about 15 - 20 miles east of Helena. Both areas have good parking areas for horse trailers.

The eastern trailhead is off Eagle Bay Drive, and the western trailhead is off Keir Road, both accessed from Canyon Ferry Road, east of Spokane Creek Road. The Eagle Bay Drive access, while a little further to drive to, is the easier place to begin, as the Keir Road trail begins with a steep climb and a short section of narrow pathway between a fence and a steep hillside.

There are 33 named trails, but the trails have no signs or markers. Some of the trails can have steep sections, and lesser used trails can become overgrown and hard to follow. Great vistas!

Again, I have added links from a bicycle web site, but they include a great map of the trails, and give you an idea of the elevation changes of each trail. Bike riders also regularly update information about trail conditions, which can be a great help when you are planning your ride.

https://www.trailforks.com/region/mcmaster-hills-14032/?lat=46.792984&lon=-111.689672&z=9&m=trailforks https://www.trailforks.com/region/mcmaster-hills-14032/trails/

2 Horses discussing favorite activities

Tidbits Club Contacts:

Helena Trail Riders- Vickie Blixt 202-2355

O-Mok-See Coordinator – Keith Herrin 461-3614

Gone with the Wind – Peggy Huntington 459- 2161

Western Patriots- Patsy Althof 439-8916

Helena Valley Blues – Moriah Parker 202-5729

• Remember: West Arena Schedule is (exclusive use) every Tuesday and Thursday and the first Friday of the month.

• Don’t forget to check on all Helena Trail Riders information posted to the website (including past copies of Pony Tales). Suggestions or corrections to Cheryl Bryant 2chalkie@gmail.com

• Join us on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/helenatrailriders

Remember Facebook is not the web page.

Four local horsemen win state O-Mok-See titles

CURT SYNNESS 406mtsports.com

Four members of the local Montana Saddle Club Association District II team garnered titles at the Montana O-Mok-See championships in Cut Bank recently.

Annie Williams, competing in the 31-45 Women's group, captured the High Points crown with 600 points. She won the flag race, cloverleaf barrels and established a state record in the keg race. Among her highlights were runner-up placings in the pole bending, three-pole weave and the key race.

Jeremy Williams, Annie's husband, won the Men's 16-39 title, while amassing 555 points. His individual crowns were in the pole bending, key race, cloverleaf barrels and a new state record in the keg race. He also finished second in three other events.

In the Women's 46-plus, Peggy Huntington garnered the High Points with a total of 410. She claimed victories in the key race and flag race, finished runner-up in the three-pole weave and placed third in the cloverleaf barrels.

Taryn Gilliam, Under 8, scored 580 points and copped the polo turn, key race, cloverleaf barrels and flag race, and set a state record in the mini turn & burn with partner Delaney McGowan.

Rachel Boyd, fourth in High Points at 12-15, won cloverleaf barrels and took fifth in the flag race.

In the Women's 31-45, sisters Moriah (Ogle) Parker and Deziah (Ogle) Gilliam placed third and seventh in the High Points, respectively. Moriah finished second in the flag race and third in the three-pole weave and cloverleaf barrels. Deziah took fourth in the flag race.

In the 40-plus Men's, Steve Hill placed third in High Points with a first in the cloverleaf barrels, runner-up in the pole bending and third-place in the three-pole weave. Bill McGowan was fifth, taking second in the key race and fourth in the three-pole weave. Jeremy Gilliam was seventh in High Points and third in the keg race.

In the Women's 46-plus, Marsha Hill finished third in High Points with a runner-up in pole bending, a third in three-pole weaves, and fourth-place at the keg race.

Chris Oulette was seventh, highlighted by two thirds in the cloverleaf barrel team poles and flag race.

Kaley O'Shea, Under 8, was eighth in High Points, taking third in the keg race.

Charmayne Kaminski placed 10th in High Points in the Women's 16-30. She finished runner-up in the key race and flag race.

Karen Boyd (Women's 46-plus) won cloverleaf barrels in state record time.

District II's Clancy Olson was crowned the 2018-19 MSCA Queen.

Rounding out the rest of the local horsemen that placed in state events were Patsy Althof, JohleahAnn Parker, Kyran King, Chad O'Shea, CeCe French, Brendon Brewer, Sedona Heimann, AnnaMaria Maier, Mariah Olson, Eav Maier, Darcy Alm, Kimbery Curtis, Crystal Kelly, Sarah Amos, Madison King, Annastin Maier, Caleb O'Shea, Sidnee Heimann and Michael Johnson.

From Chris:

I have a friend that asked me to put the word out that she has two trail horses and her trailer for sale in the amount of $3500 for the package deal. Please contact Kristi Petelle for details at 406-461-0039. Pictures are shown below.

Horse for sale roan Horse for sale dun
Both horses for sale
Dun horse for sale trailer for sale
Trailer for sale Tire on trailer

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