.Horses eating Thanksgiving dinner

Board Meets: 5:30 p.m. monthly on the third Wednesday, September 19.

President: Marcia Gray, 443-2679

Vice-President: Heather Hollandsworth 492-7066

Treasurer: Kate Hollandsworth, 492-7206

Secretary: Shirley Herrin, 442-8858

Trail Rides: Chris Warren, 461-6527

Building/ Maintenance: Caleb Blokzyl, 465-7123

Historian: Historian & MSCA Delegate: Penny Koehler,

O-Mok-See: Keith Herrin, 461-3614 cavtrooper@uscavalryschool.com

Public Relations: Bill Gray, 443-2679

Representative: Vicky Blixt, Montana Saddle Club Assoc, 202-2355, tovikywho@q.com


Social Director Julia Curtis, 449-0360

Odd numbered months will have a membership and board meeting. Even numbered months we will have an activity and board meeting. No board meeting or activity this month due to Thanksgiving. Upcoming activity: December 9 Christmas Party.

Turkeny in the oven

From Our President ----------- Howdy Trail Riders!

Please make a point to show appreciation for our veterans by thanking them for their service. November 11, 2018 is the official day we honor those who have sacrificed so that the rest of us can rest easy.

Thank you, Helena Trail Rider veterans!

There were about 25 people who tasted, judged and consumed the marvelous crock pot contents at the HTR chili contest October 17th. We had a variety of foods that were allergen free so most palates were satisfied. Delicious pies made a first time appearance this year. People were invited to bring pies to be eaten but not judged. The pies were so good, I was glad we didn’t have to choose a favorite. There was no excuse for anyone the leave the clubhouse without a full tummy. Julia Curtis gave out some unique prizes and hosted a tasty dinner.

Later the same night, Gary Koehler repaired the back deck and helped design some protective structures to avoid damage from the Haunted House put on in the clubhouse by District 2.

Thanks to Justin Stolp who made sure our internet address will continue with the Helena Trail Riders for the next few years. Cheryl Bryant keeps the website up to date. Kudos to you both!
Welcome potential new members Marian Henry, Jennifer Soliday and Mary Bradford. We had a fun visit with these ladies at the October activity meeting and look forward to visiting with them again. The main connection was horses but they had some entertaining stories to tell about people, also.

Kitty Ann Quigley Taaler and lifetime member Roy Pace were honored at a banquet at the Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds on October 19th. They and their families were main contributors to the success of the 1960 fair and rodeo and subsequent Fairs. They join the previously inducted hall of famers as members who worked hard to see the continuation of the Lewis and Clark County Fair Ground’s popularity.

Nominations are open for officers for 2018 and 2019. I have not asked current board members if they will re-run but this is a request to contact a director if you are interested. A nominating committee may be contacting you soon.

This is a busy season and the board decided not to meet Thanksgiving eve.(21st) We will publish a Pony Tales the first part of December but this will be the calendar of activities for the next two months as far as I know.

November 21st- no meeting
December 9th Christmas Party
January- Helena Trail Rider elections.

We have a new Salvation Army family which I will try to attach to this newsletter. (click here for attachment) Please let Heather Hollandsworth know of any items you buy for this family as she will be keeping a master list and we would like to avoid duplicate buying. Vickie Blixt will gather the packages at the clubhouse right after Christmas dinner and leave them at the Salvation Army, as requested per their deadline.

The geese are gathering and huge V’s are circling the the house and heading south. This is my warning winter is coming. It is time to pick up the hoses, and get the house cracks insulated against cold. The snow shovels are out, the barn is full of hay, and the chickens have a heat lamp. With a good supply of cocoa, I think I’ll be ready. Marcia

Anyone with suggestions for programs or activities, please come to a meeting and share, or let a board of directors member know what you would like to see or hear about.

• Any member can contribute to the Pony Tales. For sale or wanted items and articles must be to Sharon by the 10th of each month. (trailridershelena@gmail.com)
• It is important that no Helena Trail Rider member is left out of the loop because he/she doesn’t have the latest social communication device. Please let us know of any member who is not receiving the newsletter either via e-mail or by snail-mail.
• Send items you wish included in the newsletter to trailridershelena@gmail.com.


No scheduled rides at this time. Chris

If you have any questions, please call Chris Warren,461-6257. Thanks.

From Sharon: Every month I try to add a short section on trail riding areas near Helena, most of which club members have been to at least once. While there is no specific site for this month, the following information pertains to a great future area for riding trails. https://mtstandard.com/lifestyles/recreation/proposed-trail-system-could-bring-milesof-hiking-biking-and/article_72e375c4-fb35-5ff3-8e48-5493c95cdc39.html

The Forest Service is taking public comment on the Strawberry Butte Front Country Trail Management Project located in the Strawberry Butte, Willard Creek and Maupin Creek area of the northern Elkhorn Mountains south of Montana City. If implemented, the project will improve or construct 39 miles of nonmotorized trails as well as close an undetermined number of unauthorized trails in the area.

Of the 39 miles, 28 currently exist and 11 would need to be constructed. The existing trails include some old roads no longer open to motorized travel and others developed over time from game trails or trails created by grazing livestock, according to Helena District Ranger Heather DeGeest, adding that users have cleared many trails over time, likely because they did not realize they were not designated trails.

The project also includes improvements at several trailheads,including informational kiosks and changes to make them horse trailer compatible with designated parking and outhouses.

The Forest Service has engaged a few groups and public bodies ahead of launching formal public comment, including the Jefferson County Commission and the Montana High Divide Trails, a group made up of hikers, bikers and horseback riders.

Map of forest service area

Tidbits Club Contacts:

Helena Trail Riders- Vickie Blixt 202-2355

O-Mok-See Coordinator – Keith Herrin 461-3614

Gone with the Wind – Peggy Huntington 459- 2161

Western Patriots- Patsy Althof 439-8916

Helena Valley Blues – Moriah Parker 202-5729

• Remember: West Arena Schedule is (exclusive use) every Tuesday and Thursday and the first Friday of the month.

• Don’t forget to check on all Helena Trail Riders information posted to the website (including past copies of Pony Tales). Suggestions or corrections to Cheryl Bryant 2chalkie@gmail.com

Little horse confessing to eating all the leftovers
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Remember Facebook is not the web page.

Largest US flag

The largest United States Flag ever made displayed proudly at Hoover Dam. Each star is over 17 feet high. It takes a crew of 15 to unfurl it. God Bless America and our Veterans on this Veterans Day!

Horse talking about Christmas sale

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