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Board Meets: 5:30 p.m. monthly on the third Wednesday, February 21

President: Marcia Gray, 443-2679

Vice-President: Heather Hollandsworth 492-7066

Treasurer: Kate Hollandsworth, 492-7206

Secretary: Shirley Herrin, 442-8858


Trail Rides: Chris Warren, 461-6527

Building/ Maintenance: Caleb Blokzyl, 465-7123

Historian: Historian & MSCA Delegate: Penny Koehler,

O-Mok-See: Keith Herrin, 461-3614

Public Relations: Bill Gray, 443-2679

Representative: Vicky Blixt, Montana Saddle Club Assoc, 202-2355,

Social Director Julia Curtis, 449-0360

Board Meets: 5:30 p.m. monthly on the third Wednesday, March 21, speaker on saddle fitting.

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From Our President

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!
Maybe wearing green will encourage the snow to melt and spring to do a little better job of making an appearance. The horses are shedding heavily but I have yet to see or hear any Canada geese, my idea that spring is really here.

Our meeting this month is the day after the first day of spring. We have Sterling Campbell and his wife Addie lined up for the program at 6:30. Sterling started the new saddle shop on Euclid and will speak about saddle fitting and saddle making. He credits Kent Devore (lifetime member of HTR) for the encouragement to open a shop. Bring your questions and enjoy learning.

Jane Heath of the Horse Sanctuary and Circle of Life Therapy in Simms, Montana, called to see about using the clubhouse. Unfortunately, we were unable to accommodate her activity in a short amount of time. But, she let me know the Sanctuary has adopted out over 200 horses and has one in training to offer someone who has time and energy to match Grace’s high activity level. I’ll look up her telephone number and bring it to the meeting Wednesday the 21st. Maybe we can make a match.

Hopefully, you set your clock ahead an hour so sunrise comes a little earlier. Could it be another sign that spring is coming soon?

I have sent Keith Hatch a copy of our last year’s schedule for the east gate at his request. I am hoping he will be able to find a suitable replacement to work this gate. Helena Trail Riders will still be working the west gate for approximately half of our former income. Any other ideas for fund raising are welcome.

You are welcome to attend the board of director’s meeting and/or submit an agenda item before the director’s meeting. Keith has been trying to find a good date to have an O-Mok-See. Chris has been screening trails and Caleb is wondering what he got himself into as maintenance director. Julia is getting familiar with the kitchen, making perfect coffee and keeping up with member’s experiences. Penny has expressed an idea about putting the pictures for the scrapbook in something digital and online rather than paper books. Let her know what you may have for ideas. I’m not opposed to change as long as I don’t have to do it.

You may have noticed Vickie Blixt’s name as a liaison. This is not an official office as per the HTR policy manual. Vicki seems to know what is going on in the local horse world, what Helena Trail Riders are involved in, and brings ideas of community events of interest to the club.


Anyone with suggestions for programs or activities, please come to a meeting and share, or let a board of directors member know what you would like to see or hear about.

• Any member can contribute to the Pony Tales. For sale or wanted items and articles must be to Sharon by the 10th of each month.

• It is important that no Helena Trail Rider member is left out of the loop because he/she doesn’t have the latest social communication device. Please let us know of any member who is not receiving the newsletter either via e-mail or by snail-mail.

• Send items you wish included in the newsletter to

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Hello HTR members, first I would like to thank you for the opportunity to act as the trail director, I am honored.

I have been notified by the club board that there was some interest in a poker ride, so hoping that this may transpire this summer and looking at August/September as a possibility. I won’t know for sure until I talk to the land owner I have in mind to see if they would allow us to proceed, and have a couple other options I will look into if this doesn’t work out.

Please let me know if you have any trails that you would like me to look at for possible rides. I have a few ideas and would like to mention a few poker rides for the year of 2018, some of which I believe have been posted in the HTR FB page. Here is a list of them that have been found so far and can get additional details to anyone, just let me know.
four aces Plains BCH poker ride 5/19
four aces Virginia City poker ride 5/26
four aces RMEF poker ride 6/9
four aces Gallatin BCH poker ride 7/7
four aces Upper Clark Fork BCH 7/14
four aces Virginia City poker ride 9/1

So now that spring is just around the corner, it is time to be thinking about getting your horse and or yourself in shape for the year and found a couple articles that may help which seemed to be a pretty good read. The links to the articles are attached.

Hope to see some or all of you out on the trails.
If you have any questions, please call Chris Warren,461-6257. Thanks.

From: writersofthevillages

My wife is queen of the Red Hats and Purple Chaps horse club. I am a writer. I figured horsewomen deserved their own novel so I wrote a detective novel aimed at horsewomen.

Amazon is considering extending a publishing contract if enough people nominate it. Read the first 500 words and, if you like it, nominate it. If Amazon likes it, you will get the book for free. You don't buy anything. If you like it as much as I think you will, tell the members of your club they can check it out and maybe get the book for free.

Thanks, I really appreciate your considering my book.

Blazing Star: A Prequel (Lindy McCoo Novel) by Millard Johnson

Lindy Mc Coo's carefree life chasing women, riding horses, and fishing is turned upside down when his former partner, Fred, is murdered leaving Lindy with $850,000 and responsibility for his sassy teen granddaughter, Star Nightwalker. In his will, Fred leaves a letter to Lindy advising him how to keep the Indian girl from following her mother down a path of drugs and alcohol. "Teach her about horses. It's the only shot she's got." Follow Lindy and Star as they track down Fred's killer.

Tidbits Club Contacts:
Helena Trail Riders- Vickie Blixt 202-2355

O-Mok-See Coordinator – Keith Herrin 461-3614

Gone with the Wind – Peggy Huntington 459- 2161

Western Patriots- Patsy Althof 439-8916

Helena Valley Blues – Moriah Parker 202-5729

• Remember: West Arena Schedule is (exclusive use) every Tuesday and Thursday and the first Friday of the month.

• Don’t forget to check on all Helena Trail Riders information posted to the website (including past copies of Pony Tales). Suggestions or corrections to Cheryl Bryant

• Join us on facebook!
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